15 Reasons to Choose HubSpot CMS

21 February 2022

You’re probably already familiar with HubSpot, the impressive all-in-one technology for marketing and sales teams. But did you know that their CMS — with the catchy name CMS Hub — is also worth a look? In this blog we share 15 reasons why you should consider HubSpot for your CMS needs too.

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What is HubSpot CMS?

For those that aren’t already in the know: HubSpot is an American company that develops marketing, sales and service software. The possibilities offered by HubSpot's software or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform are virtually limitless for both marketers and developers.

Not sure whether HubSpot is the right tool for you? Discover the free version of the popular CMS Hub — and take the next step when your organisation is ready.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities offered by CMS Hub? Are you considering the HubSpot platform for your website? Then be sure to read on.

15 benefits of HubSpot's CMS Hub

  1. Easy website building and management
    Do you want to build and manage an entire website without writing a single line of code? You can do it with HubSpot. Using themes, the drag-and-drop editor, and a lot of extensions, even as a marketer, you can turn your website into a goldmine in no time — even without any technical knowledge.

  2. Accessible anytime, anywhere
    CMS Hub works entirely in the cloud. You don't have to install another extra program, and you can work on your platform anytime, anywhere. The only requirement? A relatively stable internet connection.

  3. Generous integration possibilities
    Integrate tools and applications like Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, Jira, LinkedIn, and Salesforce into your CMS? Yes, please! Thanks to the HubSpot API, it really is child's play to link existing tools to your website.

  4. Safety first
    HubSpot is transparent and safety is the top priority. Every website receives a WAF (Web Application Firewall) and SSL certificate by default, and the software complies with the GDPR legislation and Data Warehouse Compliance. As if that wasn't enough, HubSpot also has a team that monitors security threats, anomalies, and potential abuse around the clock.

  5. Extensive personalisation options
    If you want to give your users a better experience, personalisation is always a safe bet. It’s one of the great advantages of HubSpot CMS: you can personalise your web content for every user.

  6. Dynamic modules
    Making small adjustments to your website — whether that’s a product that’s not available or a price that has been temporarily reduced — can be a real job in some CMS. Thanks to HubDB, a relational data table, you can quickly and easily implement these changes through the entire website.

  7. Smart SEO Suggestions
    It is possible to attract organic traffic to your website without a strong SEO strategy, but it's a lot harder. HubSpot helps you improve your SEO by providing practical recommendations on meta tags, internal links, duplicate content, and much more. You can also link Google Search Console with the CMS Hub for even more targeted recommendations.

  8. One platform for everything
    CMS Hub is not the only HubSpot product: you’ll find other Hubs that can be used to support you in the field of marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. You can manage, optimise and adjust the entire customer journey in one platform.

  9. Simply add an extra language
    The experts at HubSpot understand the importance of multilingualism. That is why they made sure that you can easily add an extra language in CMS Hub and optimise your websites for your chosen languages.

  10. Great support
    HubSpot's support team has already won awards for excellent service — and rightly so. Whether you have a minor problem with the layout of a page or a major technical issue with your website, the team is available 24/7 via chat, email, and telephone.

  11. Reach your customers through their favourite channel
    You naturally want to communicate with your customers through their favourite channels. Thanks to HubSpot, that's not a problem. From live chat or Facebook Messenger integration, to an easy-to-build chatbot on your website — the sky is the limit.

  12. Use video optimally
    Do you want to embed videos in your website? Not every CMS can. Embed videos with one click? You need CMS Hub for that, and then you can easily adjust all metadata so that search engines can index the video (hello, SEO), and add a CTA to immediately bring in B2C and B2B leads.

  13. HubSpot grows with you
    A scalable CMS is important for growing organisations. HubSpot means you can easily determine who has which rights, and who can add, edit, publish and configure content. Collaborating with colleagues in the back-end of this CMS is much smoother.

  14. Data, data, data
    Data is the new gold — at least in the marketing sector. CMS Hub helps you collect the right data, and the customised reports give you a clear view of how the website influences the behaviour of visitors. With that data, you can personalise your website even further and bring in more — and better quality — leads.

  15. Test, adapt, and test again
    Testing content is simple in HubSpot. You can create up to 5 different versions of a page, and HubSpot monitors the results. At the end of the test, the best performing version is automatically made visible to your visitors.

Do you want to get started with HubSpot CMS?

Or are you still unsure whether it’s the right software for you? Our HubSpot experts would love to help you.

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