Orangedotcom, your digital marketing agency, is becoming iO.

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We’re joining iO to take even better care of you. You already knew us as the digital experts and the technology partner, now we can also help you with communication strategy, content, creation and marketing - online and offline.

Orangedotcom and iO have rose-coloured glasses on

Orangedotcom is ambitious and we’re proud of it. Joining iO, an agency that’s always thinking about the next step, innovation and an integrated full-service approach, is therefore a smart move for us. Not just orange anymore, but all the colours of the rainbow.

“With the iO team, we are fulfilling our ambition of being a leading digital agency.”

Arnoud Duiker | iO

Arnoud Duiker, Co-Founder Orangedotcom

Orange makes you happy

You’ve known Orangedotcom as a top-notch digital marketing agency for a while now. We’ll keep putting a smile on your face with our excellent service - but now we’ll do it as a full-service partner.

Sounds great, but how does that help me? We can almost hear you say it. Well, here it is: we can now help you with everything. And we do mean everything: strategy, technology, marketing, content and creation. No problem is too complex or big for the iO experts.

That’s great, but it gets even better. Because our way of working, our vision and your contacts at Orangedotcom? They’re here to stay. The lines will still be short and the terms and conditions transparent. In the meantime, we will continue to face your challenges with as much enthusiasm as we always have.

What does change, though, is our name. So don’t say Orangedotcom, call us iO. And our address, that changes too. Our experts are going to iO Campus Amsterdam to join the complete online marketing team.

How we put a smile on your face and keep it there

Our services and solutions are tailored to your business and designed to make you stand out. We keep you ahead of the competition.

  • SEO & SEA

    Our search experts boost your online visibility and boost sustainable growth in terms of relevant website traffic through SEO and SEA.

  • Web analytics

    In today’s digital world, data truly is priceless. The more you know your visitor, the quicker you can reach them. Our precise insight into your web traffic and user behaviour will help you do just that.

  • Display advertising

    Put your brand in the spotlight and be present wherever your target audience is - through programmatic buying. Find out which tools and methods work for your project.

  • Outplacement

    Need a temporary set of extra hands for your digital marketing? Our in-hosue expert is just what you need to support your organisation’s growth.

  • Advertising on market places

    How do you use market places like Amazon and in your advertising strategy? We know how everything works and would love to guide you on the road to new prospects and additional revenue.

  • Social advertising

    Social advertising has become a must for modern campaigns. A detailed targeting on all social channels can help your brand gain optimal visibility.

Your digital presence, but next level

Okay, so we’re becoming iO. That means infinite opportunities - an endless stream of priceless opportunities to strengthen your brand, both on- and offline.

Explore new horizons

The gist: we’ve got you covered

or come have some coffee at our campus

  • We’re gaining loads of colleagues, but you can rest assured: we are staying closeby.

  • Besides the home of the people you know already – Campus Amsterdam – you can find iO experts on various campuses in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond.

orangedotcom joins iO
orangedotcom joins iO

The golden Orangedotcom team

Michael Hardeman
Co-Founder & Strategy Director Orangedotcom

Arnoud Duiker
Co-Founder Orangedotcom

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