Don’t say Mia, say iO!


At Mia, we have always been your trusted partner for marketing, strategy and development. As iO, we still are, only bigger, stronger ... A full end-to-end partner for all your challenges.

Why Mia is transforming to iO

Simply because we want more. More colleagues, for example. As part of iO, we will suddenly have 1500 (!) more. More (digital) expertise too. Soon you will also be able to come to us for innovation, digital ecosystems and e-commerce. You will be the one to benefit most from this step, believe us.

A bigger, better, stronger story.

“Clients increasingly expect to be supported end-to-end. They are no longer looking to work with a multitude of niche agencies because all their business processes need to be seamlessly integrated. As iO, we are able to tackle any digital issue with the entire team.”

Steven van Duyse | iO

Steven van Duyse, Strategy Director Mia Interactive

Good, iO then. So what do you get out of it?

In short: a lot. You get more experts, digital skills and disciplines, without giving up anything. We go for an upgrade, and so do you.

As iO, we are fully committed to end-to-end service. Whatever you expect from an agency, we have it in house: technology, content, creation and strategy, and everything in between.

The familiar Mia faces remain in Antwerp, more specifically at the iO campus on Grotesteenweg. Fancy a tour of our new premises? The coffee is delicious!

Our services and solutions

Digital transformation offers endless possibilities - infinite opportunities, as we say. Our experts help you choose the right path, with services tailored to your needs.

  • Digital strategy

    More leads do not just appear from nowhere. They appear when we let our experts handle it, armed with data and arguments.

  • Content strategy

    From search engine marketing to inspiring content that supports your brand experience, our content marketers are ready.

  • Website development

    Drupal, Symfony or HubSpot? As iO, we also build, advise and integrate your own piece of the web.

  • UX Design

    A 'good' website? One that navigates, converts and inspires. Together, we put your users first, with a flawless online experience of your brand.

  • (Inbound) Marketing

    From lead generation to automation, conversion and reporting, our marketing story stands strong. Just like yours, always tailor-made.

  • Analysis & reporting

    Measuring is knowing. We knew that as Mia, and we still embody it as iO. We look at the most important statistics with you and build on them.

The familiar faces remain, and even more.

The great advantage of an end-to-end partner? There is no question we cannot answer - thanks to 1500+ colleagues in every imaginable discipline. But we remain 'your' trusted partner. That doesn't change, nor does our phone number.

Explore new horizons

The name Mia changes, our address doesn’t

or come along for a coffee on our campus

  • Mia was there for you when it came to marketing, strategy and technology. And so is iO, but with additional disciplines in an end-to-end package. Whatever you need, we now have a direct line to the colleague who knows the most about it.

  • Every line departs from our new location: iO Campus Antwerp.

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Steven Van Duyse en Pieter Janssens

New team, same Mia faces

Steven Van Duyse
Strategic Director & iO Partner

David Duymelinck
Senior Developer

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