Marlon thinks big, bigger, infinite: we’re becoming iO!


Exciting times for Marlon, or should we say iO? That’s what we can now officially call ourselves. As iO, we represent complete end-to-end support, together with our new colleagues: hundreds of driven online and offline experts. Together, we create infinite opportunities!

Why are we becoming iO?

At Marlon, you can ask all your business, design and technology questions. You can do the same at iO. But we’ll make it even sweeter: you can also ask us all your marketing, creation, strategy and technology questions. That’s end-to-end. We now - quite literally - have all the expertise we need.

“We see this takeover as a win-win-win situation. Our clients gain all the experts they could possibly need, iO gains a strong team and our professionals can make an even bigger impact working on more exciting projects.”

 Vincent Mouton | iO

Vincent Mouton, co-founder Marlon

What will iO do for me?

Access to end-to-end is your biggest advantage

As a Marlon client, you’ll gain experts, skills and areas of expertise. You won’t have to give up anything for that. We’re simply stepping up our game - strengthening our experience with the know-how of our new colleagues. No matter the question you may have, we can now answer it.

Besides quantity, iO also guarantees quality. We stick to the same high quality standards as we did when we were Marlon. More importantly, you’ll be working with the familiar Marlon faces. Business as usual? Definitely, only better.

Our services and solutions

At Marlon, we already feel right at home surrounded by infinite opportunities. What we have already done for you, we will continue to do. Just, even more!

  • Websites & webshops

    The proper websites and webshops welcome your returning visitors and convert leads to fans. User-friendly, visually appealing and in line with business logic.

  • Design & UX

    Every digital channel is uniquely yours. Not only do we align each web design with your (digital) house style, we also stand for responsive, user-friendly custom design.

  • Webapplicaties

    Make it easier for your customers and users. Simplify processes, let them put together their own product or plan all your events easily. Our web apps make it possible, based on the right technology.

  • Mobile applications

    With your own app, you are always close to the end user. iOS or Android? Augmented reality? In-app payments? We provide what you need most, always customised.

  • Online marketing

    Conversion is the light at the end of the funnel. Based on your input, data and the right analyses, we build the right strategy, content, campaigns and channels.

  • APIs & links

    In addition to a fully-fledged digital ecosystem, we also guarantee seamless integration with other applications such as CRM platforms, ERP packages and payment providers.

More colleagues, but also more Marlon

We cannot say it enough: we’re gaining a lot of colleagues, but we are still protective of our human and personal way of working. Luckily, iO feels the same way. That means that, for you, hardly anything changes. Not even our phone number.

Explore new horizons

At home at Marlon, at home at iO

Or come have some coffee at our campus

  • Congrats, you now officially have an end-to-end partner - only one that keeps a local approach, including short communication lines. The best of both worlds! At least, that’s how we see it.

  • And just so you know, every line starts at our new crib: iO campus Ghent on Zwijnaardsesteenweg. Fancy an iO-tour? The coffee is great!

Marlon | iO
Marlon & iO

New team, familiar Marlon faces

Frederik Claerhout

Vincent Mouton
UX & Design teamlead

Sofie Verschraegen
Teamlead & project manager

iO locations Europe