ISAAC, your e-commerce expert, is joining iO


We want to give your brand the attention it deserves. We already did that in our own way as ISAAC, but we can now share that mission with our new iO colleagues – in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond.

Why ISAAC Digital Agency chose iO

To support you even better and faster, our 130 colleagues are joining iO. That’s a good thing for us, but for you as well: you can still come to us for all your e-commerce projects, but we can now also help you with all the other challenges your organisation faces.

More, better, faster

“With iO, in addition to offering technology solutions, we can advise our clients on strategy, marketing, content and creation even more.”

Mark Hoogendoorn | iO

Mark Hoogendoorn, CEO ISAAC

We turn complexity into profitability, and we love it

Ask for the know-how of one expert and get 129 for free. That’s how it worked at ISAAC. At iO, you’ll get even more.

ISAAC has always been a full-service digital agency that had all the necessary expertise for your projects. Joining iO has broadened, deepened and improved our expertise.

So, we’re more than ready to tackle your challenges from start to finish – the iO experts know everything there is to know about marketing, technology, strategy, content and creation.

That is how we will turn your challenges into profitable solutions from now on. We turn complexity into profitability, remember?

This is what we’re great at

Every digital agency has its specialty – and we’re no different. At ISAAC, we focused mainly on software and cloud. Now, you can rely on the broader expertise of all our new iO colleagues.

  • E-commerce

    Do you want to build an e-commerce platform that results in a consistent turnover? Or are you thinking about an upgrade to Magento 2? Our experts are happy to help.

  • Financial services

    A strong customer experience builds trust and increases the ease of use. Our teams work as an extension of your in-house team to translate your ambitions into concrete results.

  • Middleware and integration

    If your organisation frequently works with data, you need a reliable and secure integration solution. As a Red Hat, Microsoft Azure and AWS partner, we can ensure that your IT landscape is ready for tomorrow.

  • Cloud technology

    Cloud technology is the future – that’s nothing new. By switching to cloud, your business will become faster, more secure, more reliable and more scalable.

  • Identity & Access Management

    A uniform login process improves the user-friendliness of your website. Our experts will help you implement Single Sign On (SSO) and Identity & Access Management (IAM).

How high can you go?

Whatever your goals may be, we are ready to help you reach them – and surpass them. Let’s have a look at what we can do for your brand.

Explore new horizons

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  • We’ll still be turning your complex challenges into human solutions. But we will be doing it from iO Campus Eindhoven instead of “the ISAAC office”.

  • Not in Eindhoven? Don’t worry: there’s always a vibrant iO campus nearby with colleagues ready to help you thrive

isaac en iO
isaac en iO

ISAAC masterminds

Mark Hoogendoorn
CEO ISAAC, Managing Director Campus Eindhoven iO

Friso Geerlings
CTO ISAAC, Technology Director iO

Camiel Baltussen
Head of Sales & Marketing ISAAC, Service Line Director Commercial iO

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