Internet Architects is no more. From now on, we’re iO!


If you’re reading this, it means we - being Internet Architects - have taken the plunge. It’s quite a big one, having merged with on- and offline powerhouse iO. As iO, we now have access to a vast collection of (creative) disciplines, experts, technologies, knowledge and resources. Welcome to the next chapter of our growth story.

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Did you know iO is short for infinite opportunities? Yet our offering’s core pillars remain in place. Never change a winning team, are we right?

Internet Architects

We’ve said it before, let’s say it again one final time. Although our transformation means expanding our team in unprecedented ways, we still stand for a humane, personal collaboration. Why not contact us to find out?

Explore new horizons

Why are we growing in this direction?

Rest assured: becoming iO is far from an overnight decision. In fact, it’s the icing on a cake that we’ve been carefully baking for several years now. As Internet Architects we delivered frictionless online experiences. As iO, we can take these to the next level, offering you expertise in strategy, creative content, marketing and technology. Consider it our improved way of helping you out with digital communication and transformation.

Spoiler alert: you deserve a creative partner in the big leagues

Does this exciting future include my company too?

We don’t leave our own behind - let’s look ahead instead

Under the iO banner stands a united team of experts to accompany you on your march towards success. A team that helps you achieve your digital ambitions and offer your customers the best experience possible. As iO, we have more to offer you, while presenting you with the familiar faces you know so well.

Using our campuses as a breeding ground for innovation, we get to create an environment where talent is given space and stimulation to emerge, develop and flourish. At the same time, our core team remains unchanged. Expect that old-fashioned Internet Architects spirit - at home at iO’s Antwerp campus.

“The open culture, campus philosophy and mindset to grow and work together on the digital transformation of our customers makes the future incredibly exciting."

David De Block

David De Block, CEO Internet Architects

How about a cup of joe to celebrate?

or come in and try our campus coffee for yourself

  • A new office (or campus, as we as iO like to call it) deserves a grand tour. So stop by our Antwerp campus to meet your 'new' partner; iO

  • Pssst, no worries. We still look exactly the same - except for a new logo.

Internet architects
logo iO

Familiar faces here to stay

David de Block

Sven Lenaerts
Product Design Director

Bart De Neve
Senior Project Manager