Bake & Company, your digital marketing expert, is now called iO.


To help you reach even greater heights, Bake & Company is becoming iO. We are now a reliable end-to-end partner with collaboration across all expertises.

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Our bread and butter

Your trusted experts from Bake & Company will gladly continue to help you with digital innovation, in a step-by-step approach.

You can have your cake and eat it too

With iO, you get the best of both worlds: the in-depth strategic advice you are used to, and the practical skills to execute those strategies.

Explore new horizons

Why we joined iO

You want opportunities, we’ve got more than a baker’s dozen of them. To help you achieve more, Bake & Company joined iO. In other words: we’ve broadened, deepened, and strengthened our services.

The international powerhouse

You’re in good company with iO

So, yes, Bake & Company is transforming into iO. That’s good news for us, but also for you: we have risen beyond our humble origins in strategic consultancy, and we intend to become a true industry leader.

Strategy, technology, marketing, content, and creation — these are the five domains in which our experts across several campuses will gladly tackle any challenge or briefing, no matter how ambitious.

Rest assured, though. Just because we are now part of an end-to-end powerhouse, doesn’t mean that anything will change for you. The way we work and your contacts in Bake & Company will not change.

The only thing you may have to get used to is our increased service offering — it is now broader, deeper, and simply better.

“We are no longer merely architects; together with iO, we are now a mighty powerhouse that can advise companies and take care of all their problems.”

Kristof Bossuyt | iO

Kristof Bossuyt, co-CEO Bake & Company

Working with iO: a piece of cake

Or visit us on a campus near you

  • We’re confident enough about our partnership to say it may be the best thing since sliced bread. We can now do more, and deliver more for you.

  • Our strategic experts are joining iO Campus Ghent, but you’ll also find our colleagues in several other campuses near you.

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Bake and company and iO

No Bake & Company without these strategic masterminds

Klaas Verbeken
Founder & co-CEO Bake & Company, Strategic Growth Lead for Data & Intelligence iO

Kristof Bossuyt
Founder & co-CEO Bake & Company, Business Development Director iO

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