Nederlandse Golf Federatie (NGF)

The Nederlandse Golf Federatie (NGF) is the driving force behind a healthy and thriving golf sport in the Netherlands. With golf being one of the country’s most popular pastimes, the NGF has an impressive number of members, whose data is kept in a central database in the form of scorecards, course records and club records. We help the NGF manage its central database using a technological structure based on the low-code development platform OutSystems.
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Nederlandse Golf Federatie (NGF)


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OutSystems: a first for Dutch golf

The NGF has been a regular client with iO since 2016. Therefore, we offered the federation the opportunity to be one of the first organisations in our portfolio to receive a custom built platform based on OutSystems.

One of the main strengths of OutSystems is that the platform makes it easy to integrate different systems with one another. This made OutSystems the perfect solution for the NGF, as the federation already used and combined multiple systems for its day to day operations.

Additionally, the OutSystems platform is based on continuous development, which makes it perfect for constantly future-proofing the NGF’s operations as time goes on.

Since its implementation, OutSystems has become the heart of the NGF’s central database. Both the API Service Layer for processing scorecards and the calculating module for handicaps were developed using the platform. OutSystems has proved its worth many times already, offering consistent and reliable performance when processing user data and data traffic.

A central database for software suppliers…

At iO, we manage the NGF’s central member database, which contains the scorecard, course record and club record data of all affiliated players.

The data in the central member database is made available via an API Service Layer to all of the NGF’s 15 golf club software suppliers. These suppliers each have their own network of partnered golf clubs. All member and scorecard data of the golf clubs is automatically exchanged with the NGF’s central member database.

When a new scorecard is added to the central database, OutSystems automatically calculates a new handicap – which is considered the most important golf data – for the player whom the scorecard belongs to, taking into account all previous scorecards of the player as well.

The unique calculator module in OutSystems is based on the official and globally used World Handicap System. Only after new scorecards are sent in, a new handicap is calculated for the players.

“After seven years of working with iO, OutSystems has become the backbone of our federation. Now, iO still helps us with the continuous development and maintenance of the platform.”

Erik Vrieling

Erik Vrieling, IT manager NGF

… and clear data for all players

At iO, we also developed a players’ platform for the NGF’s members, called the ‘My Golf platform’. This platform is also connected to the NGF’s central database via an API Service Layer in OutSystems.

Golfers can use the platform – via app or browser – to enter their scorecards and check their current handicap. When players enter a new scorecard, their data is shared automatically with the NGF’s golf club software suppliers as well. This way, the software suppliers also have an actual overview of all cards played at all times.

Aside from implementing the API Service Layer, we also used OutSystems to automate many of the NGF’s processes.

Now, monthly exports are automatically sent to the central printer of the NGF to print membership cards for new members. Additionally, new members also receive a digital membership card via the My Golf app. These digital cards are also made available to the NGF’s golf club software suppliers via an API service.

On top of that, we also synchronise the NGF’s file containing all golf courses with the NGF’s golf course maintenance system on a daily basis. This way, the course and playing data stays up to date for each club and each course.

OutSystems and more

The collaboration between iO and the NGF has been a successful one for seven years already. From supporting the federation on a technological level, to working closely together in a true partnership.

This partnership has led to many great things already, such as the implementation of OutSystems. But OutSystems isn’t the pinnacle of our combined efforts, nor the only technology/technique we used to help the NGF.

For example, when we developed the API Service Layer, we also used other software systems aside from OutSystems.

Additionally, we also built an API manager for unlocking APIs and access management and used an identity manager to manage login accounts. Finally, we used Sitecore software to bring to life the My Golf app, which recently also received a technical makeover in React Native, an open-source UI software framework.

What does the future hold?

Platform development is a neverending story. Each chapter builds on the previous one with new technologies and insights.

For the next chapter of the NGF’s story, we developed various back-office applications to further optimise data management and reporting in Outsystems for both the NGF itself and its partners.

Other plans for 2022 include:

  • digitalising the processes regarding the Rules of Golf exam;

  • integrating the Rules of Golf exam in the platform;

  • improving the NGF’s course access system.

Recently, we also started building a new data warehouse to gather data from various sources and make said data available in Power BI dashboards.

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