Longfonds launches new central platform

Longfonds's mission is to eradicate lung diseases and to contribute to a healthier and happier life for people with lung disease. They are committed to a world where everyone can breathe freely.
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More brand consistency and consistency across fragmented platforms


A revamped digital strategy and central website for people with lung diseases

Longfonds has been present on many different digital platforms. With this strategy, it served a wide range of target groups. However, this 'single purpose, single touchpoint' approach has resulted in a fragmented online identity. Longfonds was in need of a clearer cohesion of the platforms, brand consistency and a more clearly communicated proposition.

From start to finish

As a digital partner of Longfonds, we developed coronalongplein.nl last year. This is a place where people with symptoms after a corona infection can find information and come in contact with lung experts and others suffering from similar symptoms. Creating a new digital strategy and launching the new Longfonds website was the next step in our partnership.

Longfonds.nl is the place where visitors are informed about lungs, lung diseases, healthy living and research. In addition, the site encourages visitors to take action in any helpful way and it connects visitors through conversations, personal stories and meetups.

By using customer journey mapping and formulating personas, the target groups and behaviors have been mapped. The product vision is also formulated during this process. Thanks to this product vision, Longfonds.nl has become a place that fulfills four core needs:

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Longfonds.nl informs

The website fulfills an authority role by offering an accessible library with reliable and validated content. They conduct scientific research into air quality, lung diseases and life with lung diseases. They present these studies on their website.

Longfonds.nl activates

Besides helping and informing people about lung diseases, donors and benefactors are also important to Longfonds. This target group is activated by showing all the possibilities in which they can help the cause.

Longfonds.nl connects

While formulating the digital strategy, it became clear that the target group has a strong need for connection. That is why Longfonds offers both digital and physical activities via its website. These activities enable people to start conversations with fellow sufferers and lung experts.

Longfonds.nl helps

Longfonds.nl also offers help and support. The new website offers the necessary information to get in touch with a Longfonds professional. People with questions can always count on the help of an expert.


Longfonds.nl is built on Drupal. With this choice, we offer a scalable and well-secured environment where we have laid a strong technical foundation for further development during our partnership.

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