How do you stitch up knowledge gaps in the medical industry?

Professionals have to be up to speed with everything, especially in the medical sector. Which is exactly why our client Ismar Healthcare develops learning platforms and programs for medical professionals. To support medical professionals even better in honing their skills and expanding their knowledge, we helped Ismar optimise and personalise one of its biggest learning platforms.
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A couple of years ago, Ismar developed ‘Mirrors of Medicine’ (MiMe), a learning method that focuses on acquiring and implementing new medical knowledge and technologies. To share MiMe with medical Professionals (MPs), Ismar also developed a free PinPoint Case Platform (PPCP).

Using the PPCP, MPs can follow and complete short cases to upskill themselves. The cases focus on essential clinical issues and are assessed by some 150 medical experts. This way, after completing a case, MPs receive useful feedback from authorities in their respective medical fields.

However, in the past, the PPCP was based on a one-size-fits-all model. The platform did offer cases in various medical fields, but the model did not take into account the individual learning needs of MPs. Therefore, Ismar and iO decided to transform the PPCP into a platform that offers a more personalised approach to Continuing Medical Education (CME).

"We specialise in learning concepts and medical content. iO offers the right technological support and helps us with development and implementation."

Louis Smets

Louis Smets, Ismar Healthcare

Personalised learning paths

Thanks to our update, Ismar’s PPCP now offers each user a personalised learning path for in-service training that is outlined in 3 steps.

  1. a systematic identification of learning needs and knowledge gaps

  2. automated case flows for MPs to work on

  3. measurement of short- and long-term learning effects

Quick knowledge and competence tests

In addition to the personalised learning path, we also added the possibility for MPs to complete so called ‘QuickScans’. These are short knowledge and competence tests that take just 5 minutes to complete.

The QuickScans offer MPs an easy way to quickly see if their knowledge in a specific medical domain needs brushing up. After completing a QuickScan, MPs receive a report with personalised feedback, as well as an overview of how their results compare to those of their peers, which immediately puts their level of knowledge in a broader perspective.

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A successful PPCP operation

Sewing up the knowledge gap

Both Ismar and iO were convinced that a personalised way of learning would be way more effective for MPs. Needless to say we were happy when we saw our conviction confirmed.

The average percentage of incorrect answers in the PPCP cases was 33% and was highest for cases that cited new evidence from clinical studies, as well as uncertainty about the practical implementation of said evidence. Thus, the individual approach to in-service training clearly meets the learning needs of many MPs.

A learning platform that keeps on growing

Furthermore, the changes to the PPCP were well received by MPs, according to several user surveys on the educational paths, case studies and assessments of the platform.

This positive reaction also translates into a learning platform that continues to grow. For instance, the PPCP now has more than 3,500 (active) users who together have already completed more than 100,000 cases. On top of that, we also see that many medical students find their way to the platform via their teachers and trainee supervisors. A nice additional confirmation of the PPCP’s success.

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A healthy and productive collaboration

At iO, we are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Ismar Healthcare, as it is a great example of how technology, consulting and marketing are increasingly intertwined.

We are therefore delighted that the collaboration continues. One of our iO employees permanently works for Ismar at least two days a week, and together with Ismar, we are always looking at how we can further improve the healthcare specialist’s cooperation and services.

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