How do you cost-effectively improve marketing for international distributors?

Michelin helps its European distributors and partners grow by boosting their online visibility and presence. By bringing essential services together in a marketing toolbox, dealers get quick and cost-efficient access to digital marketing services.
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Improving the marketing of Michelin dealers in a cost-efficient way


Web audits, content, advertising and more

Meet Michelin

Michelin was founded in 1889 as a family business. It now owns 72 production locations across 19 countries, employs about 109,000 people and has a marketing approach for over 170 countries.

When real life goes digital

Michelin had been auditing its dealer network in person for years but noticed a need for digital maturity. 

That’s why iO developed a standardised web audit for Michelin Benelux and a way for them to grow their online presence. With a few rapid-fire checks, we were able to suggest concrete quick wins the dealers could tackle straight away. If a dealer implemented enough of the suggestions, they were allowed to call themselves a Michelin Quality Center.

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Content support

Content marketing was also part of the deal. We made the process as easy as possible – by giving dealers ready-made content plans with social posts that were good to go, for instance.

The dealers pick out the content they like and post it to their channels. The more we took care of in advance, the easier the dealer’s job became. And the higher the rate of adoption. Because of this general approach, the communication was also more completely in line with Michelin’s brand values.

Building on online success

Michelin offers its distributors a set of smart tools and courses, attuned to the target audience, and complemented by dashboards and reports.

Reaching Europe through the Benelux

Thanks to this successful project for Michelin Benelux, iO got on Michelin Europe’s radar. We are now the go-to digital partner for this branch’s dealers. As such, we have taken care of several dealer websites and the marketing strategies that accompany them.

Michelin Europe also asked us to apply the web audits idea to their European network in a broader and more in-depth way. For these more elaborate scans, every dealer needed a score of at least 60% to get permission to use the Michelin partnership logo.

Let's get digital

We used to invite the Michelin Quality Centers to our campus in Herentals for our very own Let's get digital, as well. That’s an event where speakers come to explain several real-life marketing cases. After the talks, the dealers were able to ask our experts their questions during speed dates. Email, SEO, SEA, … everything to lift these businesses to the next level, was discussed.

Need a general approach?

We like to listen and talk. Want to find out how we can design a strategy for your business – with all its layers and locations?