How to translate brand values into engaging stories?

How to translate brand values into engaging stories?

At Audi, certain core values are deeply ingrained in the brand’s DNA. But the car manufacturer also wanted to make them tangible and more known to the outside world. Therefore, iO created a content strategy that adds an emotional impact to Audi’s values through storytelling.

The engines that drive Audi’s design process

Audi’s brand values – digitalisation, sustainability, performance, and design – embody a strong commitment to mobility, a specific lifestyle, and a unique vision of the world. They are the powerful engines propelling every step of Audi’s design process. But how can you keep this brand promise alive in an economic context with fewer product launches? How do you ensure these values come to life outside the company and become tangible, particularly among the brand’s target audience?

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Make our brand values tangible for our target audience, by adding an emotional impact through storytelling.


A content strategy that focuses on various content formats, featuring captivating individuals who embody the values and pioneering spirit of Audi.

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“This isn’t just a magazine. It’s our way of taking people on a journey of progress, an invitation to embrace the boundless creativity that makes our current era so unique.”

Stef Sleurs

Stef Sleurs, Marketing Manager Audi

Audi Magazine

Immersed in the Audi universe

Audi Belgium approached iO to develop a brand-strengthening strategy that starts from this context. Our specialists devised a content plan, based on exclusive reports and interviews, reaffirming the underlying principles of Audi’s vision. We focused on designers and pioneers – often Belgians – who share the same outlook on the future as the brand with the four rings. Audi’s claim “Progress you can feel” guided us in the selection and development of various themes in this storytelling approach.

This way, Audi customers and enthusiasts not only receive information on the cars themselves, but are completely immersed in the world of the automotive brand. All articles appear in the online magazine on the website. A selection of these articles fuels the monthly newsletter sent to a continuously growing database of subscribers. Additionally, the content formats are also distributed to a broader audience through Audi’s social media channels.

Content as a premium gift

In 2023, we took this content approach even further by combining a selection of articles into a premium 140-page print magazine with a circulation of 3,000 copies.

Despite the popularity of digital media and online publications, paper still plays an important role in spreading ideas and beliefs. Magazines offer a tangible experience that can’t (yet) be replaced by digital media. The feeling of turning a page and holding a physical magazine creates a connection between the reader and the content.

The printed Audi magazine thus became an exclusive gift, both literally and figuratively. It serves as a carrier of content with a long lifespan, significantly enhancing the value of the goodie bags at VIP events. Guests invited to events like the Audi quattro Cup, Brussels Stephex Masters and the Zoute Grand Prix, for example, can take something with them that lingers. The world of Audi in all its facets, that’s Progress you can feel.

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