Program Lead Bart De Hertogh joins iO

26 September 2022
Den Hertogh will be working on different clients at iO, including the Federal Public Service BOSA.
Bart de Hertogh | iO

Antwerp, 26 September — iO Campus Antwerp welcomes Bart De Hertogh as its new Program Lead. The project manager and communications specialist who helped launch the Brussels vaccination campaign over the past two years brings a whole lot of specific expertise to Antwerp.

In the role of Program Lead, Bart will be working on different clients, including the Federal Public Service BOSA. With his track record in humanitarian projects and government campaigns, he is the perfect person for the job.

Across his career, De Hertogh built an impressive cv with projects that took him all over the world. As a coordinator for Doctors Without Borders , he worked in Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, China, the former Yugoslavia, and Iran. Back in Belgium, he continued his humanitarian work at Caritas and Red Cross Flanders. And in the corporate world, he worked as a facility and communications manager, carrying out various projects in Europe and Asia.

When the corona crisis erupted in 2020, he put his weight behind the strategy, development, and implementation of the Brussels Capital Region’s vaccination campaign , which was an intensive but extremely instructive job.

“Putting something in motion with a variety of people is the common denominator in my career. That’s why my new role at iO appealed to me. It’s a growing company, with a lot of energy and knowledge to realize something beautiful.”

Dennis Snijders , Strategy Director iO Campus Antwerp:

“Our missions in the public sector can be quite complex. Sometimes that typical agency experience is not enough," says Dennis Snijders. "Federal versus local legislation, political fragmentation, technical complexity, public opinion, privacy: it all comes together here. Bart's hands-on experience is unique. I mean, how many people have set up an entire vaccination campaign.”

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