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Veeva is a specialised CRM solution for organisations in the pharmaceutical industry. A practical CRM for brand managers, representatives, system administrators, and content specialists. With Veeva you digitise your business processes faster, easier, and more efficiently.

iO is a SharpSpring Platinum Partner. Platinum Partner is SharpSpring's highest partner level. It means that the company recognises that iO has the marketing and technical expertise to help organisations like yours, on their way to digital success.

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Veeva: CRM solutions for healthcare professionals

With Veeva you can engage with healthcare professionals more easily, thanks to the Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) module. Your sales team can reach the right health professionals with a personalised, customised experience — both offline and online.

The CLM module, that’s built into Veeva CRM, is full of ways to make your life easier. Just think of the automatic recording of sales calls, actionable insights in real-time, and tools to publish content on offline and digital channels.

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VeeVa is the specialised CRM solution for organisations in the healthcare sector. With Veeva, you digitalise your business processes faster, easier, and more efficiently

How Veeva helps your organisation

Veeva has solutions that are tailored to every organisation in the pharmaceutical industry. iO can help your organisation with:

Why iO?

iO is an end-to-end partner with years of experience in marketing, technology, strategy, and content — so we have everything we need to answer all your digital questions.

We are an established Veeva Content Partner. This means that Veeva recognises that iO have the necessary expertise to implement the Veeva ecosystem in your tech stack — including administrative and technical support.

We combine this expertise with knowledge about other CRMs and marketing automation platforms so we can support your organisations digitisation process from A to Z with bespoke solutions.

We have established experience and a lot of experience working with key players in the pharmaceutical sector with Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, and MSD among our clients.

Our Veeva services

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