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As marketers, we believe we can get the most impressive results out of data without having to rely on data teams, coding or spending our days filling out spreadsheets.

Through Funnel, (our) marketers find automation crossing their daily way of working. As it should be. Rather than simply “collecting” data from multiple marketing apps and platforms, Funnel helps you build strong, stable connections.

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Funnel & iO: a powerful team of data enthusiasts

Unlock the true power of your marketing efforts with the dynamic collaboration between iO and Funnel, starting with the innovation Funnel has to offer.

Funnel, your marketing data hub

Using Funnel, marketers can easily gather and combine data from 500+ marketing platforms. It allows its professional users to automate data cleaning and organising. A process – once intense, time-consuming and with coding required – has since been made more efficient, using Funnel first and foremost.

Premium Solution partner Funnel

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iO, (your) executive partner for Funnel technology

Big data is here to stay, and what good is data if you can't link them to the right conclusions and follow-up actions? Our expertise surrounding data management and data warehousing will help you organise and structure the chaos in big data. Our experts translate figures, databases, and vague data into actionable insights.

At iO, we’re builders first and foremost. A blended bunch of digital specialists who are among the best when getting to work with Funnel technology. First and foremost, we’ll assist your organisation with putting Funnel to good use, relying on what it is: a veritable marketing data hub.

Our data services

“Through our intuitive, no-code marketing data hub, we enable marketers to connect, store, organize, and share their data, offering a single source of truth for marketing performance. We're proud to have iO as one of our Premium Solution Partners. Their marketing professionals know how to get the best out of Funnel for their respective clients, evangelising how data has a place in modern marketing.”

Adam Knapp

Adam Knapp, Head of Solution Partners at Funnel


ISO27001 – our safety insurance

Being data specialists, data security sits at the heart of our DNA. We’re trusted by our clients – big and small – to handle their data securely and responsibly. To commit to doing so, we’ve established the ISO 27001 certification for our teams and way of working. What’s ISO? It’is a very popular and successful international safety standard used all over the world. The standard describes rules about how organisations can operate in protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA-triad) of (sensitive) information in an organization.

  • Confidentiality has to do with keeping an organisation’s data private. This often means that only authorized users and processes should be able to access or modify data.

  • Integrity means that data can be trusted. It should be maintained in a correct state, kept so that it may not be tampered with, and should be correct, authentic, and reliable.

  • Data should be available to authorised users whenever they require it. This means keeping systems, networks, and devices up and running.

By upholding these standards and acting according to our own extensive set of safety standards, we ensure client data always remains secure.

Organisations we assisted in the past

Brussels Airport
Partena Professional
iO, a cross-industry trusted supplier.

We have the privilege of serving organisations in a wide range of industries, all of them with unique needs and processes when it comes to data. Is yours among them? Read all about – why not right away?


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