Criteo: a powerful Commerce Media Platform for automated online advertising

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Impressive conversion statistics and extended reach? That's every digital advertiser's dream. With Criteo, your advertising campaigns reach your commercial customer acquisition and retention goals faster, with machine learning as the secret ingredient.

Criteo provides an advanced platform for digital advertising and uses machine learning to create targeted, data-driven campaigns that are seen by the right people at the right times and in the right places.

As a Criteo Certified Premium Partner, iO's expertise is extra valuable for media owners and marketers to achieve results with the platform.

  • Quality digital advertising

  • Smart contextual targeting

  • Optimal visibility

  • Measurability and ROI analysis

  • Dynamic ads

  • iO is Criteo Certified Premium Partner

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Our Criteo services

As a blended agency, we use Criteo's Commerce Media Platform to improve the effectiveness of our client’s digital marketing. We achieve results by approaching target groups with more focus and efficient use of marketing budgets.

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Criteo's offer for marketing organisations

With Criteo, you'll also leverage a range of innovative technologies, including advanced geolocation, retargeting, and programmatic advertising.

This allows marketers to better respond to the specific needs and preferences of their target audience and adjust their digital marketing strategy for the best performance.

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"As a Partner Manager at iO, I am proud of our successful partnership with Criteo and look forward to helping our clients achieve their business goals."

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Martijn Vervoordeldonk, Criteo partner manager iO

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The benefits of iO as a Criteo partner 

At iO, we are proud of our status as a Criteo Certified Premium Partner. What are the benefits for our clients? Everyone benefits from our expertise and extensive experience of implementation and guidance around Criteo, and also our access to Certificationtraining courses offered through the Criteo Commerce Academy.

As experts in Criteo's data and product solutions, we are well equipped to help our customers achieve their future growth goals.

The iO-Criteo partnership is an opportunity for our clients to strengthen their digital presence and online sales and thus benefit from the power of advanced technologies and dedicated customer support.

The benefits of Criteo

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