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As Gold Partner, the famous blue webshop agrees that iO have all the expertise in-house to build a strong e-commerce strategy for your products — and to implement it on the largest webshop in the Benelux.

Our knowledge in the field of e-commerce and marketplaces is extensive. But we are also here to help you with technology, marketing, strategy, and content. We make sure that the right people find your products online first. We convert quality leads into repeat purchasers.

Why is the largest webshop in the Benelux and is now also one of the major players in e-commerce worldwide. Despite the sheer scale of the platform, 60% of sales on are made by local entrepreneurs — more than 50,000 organisations like yours, are getting the most out of their ecommerce strategy.

The bricks and mortar and digital stores coexist perfectly, and that's what today's consumer expects: a seamless experience that's consistent online and offline. When you sell on you reach Belgian and Dutch customers who might otherwise never have known your products. It also increases your online visibility, which can only ever benefit your brand recognition.

Why iO?

iO is a Gold Partner. This makes us a select group of agencies in the Benelux that are recognised by for their proven years of expertise and commitment to the platform.

But that recognition isn't the only reason you should choose iO:

  • iO is an expert in the field of marketplaces and e-commerce.

  • iO offers end-to-end services.

  • iO has a large team of specialists.

  • iO has a broad portfolio of ( clients.

What is a Gold Partner?

The Partner Programme assesses around 40 digital agencies yearly and can award them Gold, Silver, Bronze or Ambassador status. These decisions are not made overnight: each assessment must meet various criteria. Like the number of sales partners you help as an agency, for example, or your advertising expertise and first-time parties you help onboard Relying on showcases and a pitch deck, it is up to us to prove ourselves worthy of this partnership, year after year.

Equally important: having a marketplace team in place carrying a lot of expertise to properly advise and support sales partners. This includes bringing product assortments online, formulating a marketplace strategy, but also advertising, pricing policy and (improving) content. benefits from both satisfied buyers and sellers. This, in turn, results in higher customer satisfaction scores. By working with a partner you can do what you are good at while outsourcing what’s a lesser strength or what takes too much time.

Our services

Our technical experts, strategists, creatives, and marketers help you sell on — here's how:

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Our Gold Partner marketers and e-commerce experts are here to help your business.

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