Corporate Alt Delete: transform your organisation in four steps


Imagine that your organisation starts over tomorrow: what is your founding story? The Corporate Alt Delete workshop gives you the opportunity to take a critical look at your organisation. We investigate where your organisation’s strengths lie, and how you can achieve future results. Rewrite your organisation’s founding story and identify concrete steps to bring your new story to life.

Create a powerful 'new Founders narrative'

We use future customer expectations and the strength of your organisation to formulate your new founding story and rich value propositions. 

In this workshop we will work on: 

  • Redefining customer value 

  • (Re)discovering the key to your success 

  • Identify your (potential) areas of expertise and translate them into bold propositions  

We end with a futurespective and translate all insights into concrete steps: what should you change to deliver value in the future?  

"The Corporate Alt Delete workshop delivered real value for KPN because it forced us to take a fresh look at how we can continue to offer maximum value for our customers, and which new services we should focus on. It's refreshing to be able to rewrite your founding story for tomorrow's customers."

Ellen Aartsen

Ellen Aartsen, Manager Innovation & Partnerships – KPN

The Corporate Alt Delete canvas + scrapbook

During this workshop we work with iO's own Corporate Alt Delete canvas. It provides a structured framework with clear steps to guide you through the process. You can organise your ideas and insights step by step.

In addition, you will receive a Scrapbook in which you can record all your ideas and insights. This Scrapbook helps you track your progress as you transform your organisation's story.

"As a Digital Strategy team in pressure cooker mod,e the Corporate Alt Delete workshop helped us to put a dot on the horizon. Thanks to the professional guidance from the iO team, and the questions that are asked during the workshop, we as a team have unearthed interesting insights. We will work on the results within AF/KLM"

Hein de Jonge

Hein de Jonge, Head of AF/KL Digital Valuehub

Went before you


Would you like more information or plan a Corporate Alt Delete workshop?

Contact us today and shape the future of your organisation with Corporate Alt Delete. - Nina De Graaf 

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