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A value proposition is perhaps one of the most important building blocks of your overall marketing approach. Yet there are still organizations that wrap their value proposition up in hollow buzzwords, don’t use it in their communication, or haven’t put it in their company’s boilerplate.

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Act true to your brand’s DNA

  • Convince prospects at a glance

  • Advocate your employer identity

  • Rely on in-depth brand research

  • Communicate authentically

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What’s a value proposition?

Your value proposition explains prospects why they need to do business with you — rather than with your competitors. It should make the benefits of your products or services crystal clear at a glance.

Keep in mind that your organization’s benefits are different for prospects and (potential) employees. That’s why we can define two main types of value propositions:

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP): In an EVP you make clear what makes you reliable as an employer. Do you keep an ongoing focus on personal growth? Do you offer your employees extra paid holidays? Use your EVP to answer those questions — and make it the solid base of your employer branding strategy.

  • Customer Value Proposition (CVP): In a CVP (potential) customers discover what you stand for as an organization and what makes your products or services so special.

    What does iO do?

    At iO, a team of experts helps organizations like yours in finding a strong, distinctive identity. Contact us, we'd love to help you too.

    Got questions about value proposition? Let us know.

    How do you find and motivate talent in Belgium?

    Instead of using recruitment as a means to attract talent that’s based on financial promises and incentives, in the long term it’s wise to have a sustainable approach that starts from within your own organisation. In this whitepaper we will analyse the importance of your employer value proposition and take you through the recruitment do's and don'ts. Peppered with facts, figures and statistics that are relevant to the Belgian jobs market, and concrete tips, tricks, and trends.

    How commercetools helps your organisation - iO

    How does iO work?

    • 1
      Everything starts with listening
      Listening to your story is our experts first assignment, no matter how much they have to say. Expect to meet a diverse group of experts. As your blended partner, we have specialists in every digital domain. Who knows which field of expertise is will unexpectedly add value to your project?
    • 2
      The journey begins: discover & analysis
      Are we going to work together? Then we want to get to know your organisation, your brand, your team, your customers and everything else, inside and out. We dive into your data, your documentation and your dashboards. Our analyses are solid and crystal clear. We're preparing. You can be sure that you will reap the benefits.
    • 3
      To the drawing board: define & design
      Have we got a clear picture of the situation? Then we will draft an equally clear picture of the solution. Together, we will define our collaboration process down to the smallest detail, from roadmap, technical set-up, working prototype to MVP. We engage every expert we need. Everything for a unique process, matching your wishes and needs.
    • 4
      Ready, set, go: build & implement
      And then there was... the real deal. In line with the agreements, frameworks and resources made, we work agile. Either as a project team for you, or in close collaboration with your own, internal team. On our campuses or as consultants embedded in your workplace. This intensive phase involves can take weeks, or even months, where we progress towards our goal.
    • 5
      Essential aftercare: run & optimise
      Are the fruits of our labours live and is the champagne uncorked? Our experts aren’t finished, because the next - important - phase is just beginning. Together with your organisation, we monitor performance, solve post-live issues and optimise where necessary. You can also count on us for training and troubleshooting long after going live.

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