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Launching 35 new products across all channels in 12 different countries? Creating a global campaign that local markets can leverage for their own audiences, or migrate content from acquired businesses this year? You can achieve incredible results if you implement a carefully formulated marketing strategy. We support you with a multidisciplinary team, working as part of your organisation, in your daily digital marketing operations to help you to reach your target group efficiently.

  • Support your daily digital marketing operation with a team, embedded in your organisation 

  • Flexible team design through continuous evaluation of the necessary expertise 

  • Improve efficiency by setting up and recording working methods and roll-out plans 

  • Retain accumulated knowledge within your organisation through transparency about the process and assurance of the results 

  • Continuous focus on quality of the team and delivered materials 

  • An eye for compliance in the fields of privacy, security, and brand integrity

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What are digital marketing operations?

As a (digital) marketing manager you know your brand’s products and customers inside out. And you want nothing more than to devote your time to devising your next successful campaign; inspiring website visitors to complete the sale or building customer loyalty. Your time is valuable, and you don't want to waste it on setting up a team, arranging workflows and associated work process before you can delight your (potential) customers. How do you tackle operational, technical, or repetitive tasks efficiently?

With a multidisciplinary team, we assist you in the implementation phase to create marketing materials and accelerate your campaign’s go-live. We do this across digital marketing domains: websites, apps, marketing automation, product content management, tagging and analytics. Focused on reaching your target group at the right time, on the right channel, with the right content.

Part of your own digital marketing department

What makes our approach so special? Our team becomes part of your organisation's digital marketing department, creating a seamless transition from build to run. Bringing development and execution together so that campaigns are perfectly executed and the learnings from each campaign remain within your organisation, so that you can make subsequent campaigns more successful.

A number of practical examples

What does support in daily marketing operation look like in concrete terms? 

Think, for example, of annual campaigns, such as AkzoNobel's colour-of-the-year campaign. We take care of the set-up of email campaigns, create all web pages including configuring product and colour collections and make real-time optimisations based on data-driven insights.  

Another example is the Philips Hue product launches. After requesting a product launch, we determine the scope with important stakeholders. A multidisciplinary team then works simultaneously on the rollout of the product launch: 

  • Web specialists create the campaign pages for multiple countries and ensure that the product is available online in any language 

  • Marketing automation specialists select the target audience, write HTML, and build automated email campaigns 

  • Product content management specialists monitor the entire product creation process 

  • Analytics specialists create and analyse dashboards to gain insight into customer profiles and customer behaviour, and then implement remarketing campaigns 

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From blueprint to day-to-day operations

How do we get started with your digital issue? We start by exploring your needs together and translate them into a blueprint for a team setup that matches your organisation. Then we start the daily digital marketing operation and continuously evaluate the team design based on the expertise you need to achieve consistently excellent results every day.

  • 1

    A step that is often skipped, but as far as we are concerned is crucial. Even if it's a small question. We clarify your question and goals so that it is clear to everyone where we want to go. The duration of the diagnosis phase depends on the complexity of your question.

  • 2

    When the goal is defined, the question is how we get there. Based on your information and our experience in similar cases, we will give you carefully considered advice. We never start with a completely blank page. What are the benefits? Speed and customisation at the same time.

  • 3

    We create the optimal conditions in your business across the axes of people, process, information, and technology to make the most effective solution.

  • 4

    Time for action: we set things in motion and achieve your desired business results.

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