Data modelling: extract useful insights from your data


By making smart use of existing models, you can gather clear insights from a large amount of data - without investing vast amounts of time in cumbersome, manual analyses. With predictive insights, you always get the most out of your data. Using data modelling is smarter, more efficient, and cheaper than digging in the data yourself.

  • Save time, energy, and money;

  • Obtain structure in your big pile of data;

  • Get useful insights through existing statistical models;

  • Combine internal and external data.

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While organisations in various industries are still thinking about their data strategy, you can gain an immediate competitive edge thanks to our experts in data modelling. We are happy to help you with this:

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How can data modelling help your organisation?

By now, almost everyone agrees that data is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world — for B2B and B2C companies, but equally for non-profit organisations and governments. 

But the value of data only becomes clear after the initial steps of data collection and data management and warehousing; when you start to connect clear insights to that mountain of abstract data. 

In this next step, data modelling can play a crucial role, both for your technical teams and for those dealing with the business side. 

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Who benefits from data modelling?

Until recently, data modeling was a privilege reserved for only the big players — the organisations that could afford to invest time, money, and energy in it.

But fortunately, that entry threshold is steadily lowering thanks to new market developments, economies of scale, and convenient templates for each industry. In other words, data modelling is slowly becoming an option for smaller and medium-sized organisations too.

All you need to start doing data modelling is a quantity of data that is structured — and perhaps a partner like iO who knows how to help.

Whitepaper: Get more insights into the effectiveness of media with Marketing Mix Modelling

Digital marketing offers enormous opportunities in the field of data-driven working. We often fail to take advantage of these opportunities. That's means you miss out on a lot of opportunities to maximise the impact of your budget.

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