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Motivating your target audience to do what you want them to do… it’s probably the most difficult thing there is. Reaching your target audience is one thing, getting them to act upon that is a different story. Consumer activation is an essential part of communication strategy and starts - like any other digital expertise - with thorough knowledge of your target group.

  • Creative & efficient

  • From activation to data capture

  • Trade fairs, events, outdoor

  • Online activation (games, competitions, metaverse, ...)

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A matching brand experience as a recipe for successful activation

Looking to activate your target group? You can either approach them or do exactly the opposite: trigger them to take the first step towards your product, service, brand or organization.

The most important thing is that you stimulate your target audience with each interaction. And to use each one of those touchpoints to learn more about them. What do they like, what do they find important, and what do they experience as unpleasant? And most importantly: what does it take to make them do what you want them to do?

Putting your best foot forward for an optimal user experience is the starting point. Both digital and physical, our activation experts create moments that connect you with your target audience. Their main goal: creating the ultimate brand experience driven by relevant KPIs.

Got questions about activation? Let us know.

Primagaz online & outdoor activation


There is music in this.

We developed an original concept, from animation and online campaign, to outdoor realisation for a wide target audience.

What’s the best way to activate?

  • Are you making the first move towards your target group with a booth at a relevant trade show or event? Make sure that it radiates the DNA of your brand so that it ensures a good first impression and gives visitors a unique brand experience;

  • Organize your own event to welcome customers and prospects to your organization. From the invitation to the set-up and the visual design of the event, it all contributes to a positive experience throughout the customer (or visitor) journey;

  • Games are perfect to link a positive brand experience to data collection. From an interactive quiz on social media to an online game, gamification creates interaction and connects;

  • Impulse buying is an efficient form of activation. In addition to classic wobblers, displays and posters, interactive screens and point-of-sale materials provide the link to your webshop – a highly effective combo of both offline and online activation;

  • Guerilla marketing uses fun activations in the field that go far beyond simple sampling. Visit your target group in their natural habitat: at festivals, at the office, on the streets, …

Ready to activate your target group(s) too?

Our experts will help you get your audience motivated and ready to act.

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