Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs website, more accessible than ever before

How do we make our content accessible, so that every Belgian can find the information they need quickly and easily? The question came from the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs and the answer? That came from iO. The result: a website that focuses on accessibility and presents the most important information in a crystal clear way.

The result is a website that can — be seen —with ease. It’s not in its flashy design that the new website excels, but in the time it takes, and in the ease that visitors can find what they need. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines we followed make the site accessible to all. Think of elderly people, people with impaired vision, blind and visually impaired people, but also deaf and hard of hearing people, people with limited hand function or low levels of literacy. This target group can access all the information on the FPS Foreign Affairs website quickly and easily.

Let's talk about accessibility.

Our experts will help you build a website that meets the latest accessibility standards.

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