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Create more engagement with video and visual storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. People love a good story. And how do you make a good story even better? By making it visual of course.

Discover more about the possibilities of visual storytelling, and how you can create strong video content that is more engaging and resonates emotionally.

Nothing moves better than a moving story

Stories have been part of our existence since the beginning of time. As humans, we are programmed, to share and listen to stories. Because if we hear a good story, it stays with us, and we share it with others.

But over the millennia, we have evolved and so has the way we 'consume' stories. We don’t just tell stories and listen to stories. We also love to look at stories.

And which content format do we look at the most today?

The power of video and visual storytelling

Video as a medium has all the means hit the right notes – in word, images, and sound. This makes visual storytelling a natural and attractive format to tell your story.

With video and visual storytelling, you can create a bond with your target audience. By focusing on common (emotional) points of contact instead of (only) the characteristics of your products or services, your message will have a more engaging and sustainable persuasive power.

Using video and visual storytelling, you can adjust and increase the degree of involvement based on various elements. For example, visual storytelling offers a lot of tactics to visually capture emotions and convey them to your audience. From camera angle, tempo to soundtrack or the selection of characters and emotion in their storyline. You are the conductor of style, emphasis, and direction.

Lights, camera, action?

Video is a medium with endless possibilities — in B2B, B2C, non-profit, and everything in between. Want to delve deeper into video marketing? Our experts are happy to help.


Make the most of limited attention spans

Speed is essential if you want to communicate in the contemporary digital landscape. You have to attract attention and tell your story quickly. And preferably also within the format requirements of the various social media.

Video is the ideal medium for this, as it scores well in attracting attention faster and retains attention better when attention spans are shorter.

But of course, attention is not inexhaustible even with video. Even if you have a striking format to focus the spotlight on your brand and tell a great and sensitive story, time is still precious.

That is why it is important to keep the attention span of the different communication platforms in mind. For example, according to research, the optimal length for a Facebook video is between 2 and 5 minutes.

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Convince with a unique storyline

As the name itself implies, strong visual storytelling starts with your story. So how do you build a unique storyline (narrative) that attracts and retains the attention of your target group?

Unfortunately, a universal success formula does not exist, and would go against the unique and authentic character that you want to convey. But there are some fixed pillars that help your story to make a lasting impression.

These pillars can be found in our unique S.T.O.R.Y. principle.

  • Simple. Make sure your message remains easy to understand. Aim wider than your specific target audience. There are always other people watching. Therefore, keep technical terms and specialised lingo to a minimum. If you have to think too hard, you don't feel.

  • To the point. Keep your story compact and dynamic. Attention spans are deteriorating  quickly. Let the core speak and leave details to another place or time. Telling your own story authentically does not mean telling everything.

  • Out. Tell your story outwardly, not inwardly. If you want everyone from your target audience to feel addressed, then you have to address them clearly in the first place. Let your audience become part of your story.

  • Real. Telling a story has nothing to do with selling small talk. Make sure you always remain authentic and credible. Both in terms of content and emotion. If you don't believe you, you're not going to trust you. So you will never build a successful relationship.

  • You. Make it YOUR story. Give it (your) personality. Because that will make the difference with your competitors. Don't fall into the trap of a 'typical sector talk'. No one likes to look at a different version of the same thing and have a "déjà-vu" feeling, but with a different narrator.

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Engage with strong video content

Visual storytelling is an organic process that takes shape as it progresses. The pauses, accents, bells and whistles are often added at the last minute. When the emotion requires it, you could say.

Nevertheless, there are five important steps that should always be clear in advance. Steps that give a clear direction to your videos – before, during and after production. 


Step 1: Clearly determine your goal and target group

This way you can immediately check whether video is certainly the ideal medium to convey your content and message.

  • Why do you want to tell your story?

  • Who should see your videos (customers, prospects, employees...)?

  • What do you want to achieve and what do you want viewers to do afterwards?


Step 2: Provide a good storyline and guidelines

  • What is the set-up ('plot')? What story do you want to tell and what is the structure?

  • Who are the 'characters': What is their role? Are they used to speaking on camera?...

  • Where are you going to film and how do these locations contribute to your video storytelling?

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Step 3: Determine the right formats and channels

  • Do we work with testimonials? Do we use actors? Do we opt for animation? Combination with stock film or do we go live?

  • What is the target budget and is it feasible depending on the desired format?

  • Is the video format realistic within the timing and deadlines?


Step 4: Production of the video by a production team

Determine in advance how big this team should be. It goes without saying that the approach you use/want to use has an influence on the number of people needed for a successful production.

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Step 5: Think about a promotional strategy for your video content

And make sure it's ready before your videos go live. Unknown is unseen. Use both your own channels and advertising to announce your videos. The more buzz you create, the greater your chances of success.

Less selling, more telling

That's what visual storytelling ultimately boils down to. Not just a sales pitch on screen, but a story with content and feeling that transcends the product so that people don't stop looking at your virtual display window. You invite them to come in and live a unique experience. Strong and compelling on a rational and emotional level.

You’re not just attracting attention; You’re holding it. This results in many views, extra brand awareness, more sales, ... And more importantly, engaged customers who trust your brand. Engaged customers who really feel part of a larger whole. Engaged customers who become permanent customers.

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