The Future is Modelled: strengthening Online Marketing with Data Modelling

18 August 2023

We notice that, in the dynamic world of digital data, modelling marketing data is taking an increasingly prominent role. The ability to model data and gain valuable insights is becoming more and more accessible to organisations.

In this blog, we explore what makes data modelling so important and what has contributed to its increased accessibility. We’ll also share our experiences with helping our clients discover the potential of data modelling during our Data Discovery workshops.

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What is data modelling?

Data modelling is the process of organising and structuring data to gain insights and predictions. Through modelling, you rely on statistical techniques, mathematical models and algorithms to identify patterns, trends and relationships in data – analytical tasks that used to be done manually. Data modelling helps marketers better understand the underlying structures and dynamics of their data. This allows them to generate valuable insights, much deeper compared to the results of manual analysis, solving complex issues, identifying potential opportunities and optimising marketing strategies to achieve better results.

Why has data modelling become so important?

Data modelling plays an integral role in making appropriate, informed decisions in modern marketing. There’s more data available than ever before, but at the same time, the type of data is changing. This makes it increasingly difficult to access insights through manual analyses alone.

In addition, concepts like privacy and data protection have never been more important. New privacy rules mean that less and less information is available at the personal level. One solution? Analysing and modelling data at an aggregate level. This still has the potential to provide marketers with in-depth insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and market trends. Insights like these are worth their weight in gold for strategic decision-making and effective marketing campaigns. Here too, data modelling plays an important role in looking for the most valuable pieces in aggregated bulk data.

In short: is your organisation harnessing the power of data modelling? Then you already understand the benefits of optimising your marketing activities to help you achieve the very best results.

Optimising marketing performance

Data modelling allows marketers to measure and optimise the impact of different marketing channels, activities and messages. By efficiently modelling valuable data, marketers can accurately measure which strategies deliver the best results and use that knowledge to improve and optimise future campaigns as well.

Using the right data models, marketers can deploy budgets and resources more efficiently, maximising ROI and improving performance in the process.

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What makes data modelling (more) reachable nowadays?

Two separate developments are behind the rise of data modelling in online marketing:  

  • Technological advancements: Emerging technologies provide analytics tools and platforms that make data modelling more accessible. Recent tools even come with an intuitive interface while using advanced algorithms and automation. This allows marketers to build models and generate valuable insights without extensive technical knowledge. These technological advancements make data modelling feasible for a wider range of marketers, regardless of their technical skills.  

  • Increased data availability: With the rise of digital channels, social media and IoT devices, there is an abundance of data available. More data means better predictions and models. Moreover, there are also an increasing number of tools and platforms specifically designed for marketing analytics and data modelling. These tools make it easier for organisations to collect, organise and model data for valuable information. 

At iO, we understand the value of data modelling all too well. That is why we offer Data Discovery workshops to help our clients explore the possibilities. During these workshops, we show organisations how to model their data to use the insights gained to strengthen their online marketing strategies. Does this sound like something for your organisation? Then contact us and discover how data modelling can transform your organisation.  

Our experts need no convincing: data modelling has the potential to transform online marketing. How? With data-driven decision-making, marketing performance optimisation and a personalised customer approach. Thanks to technological advancements and the availability of data, data modelling has become more accessible than ever before. These tools make it easier for organisations to collect, organise and model data for valuable information. 

The future is modelled. High time to embrace and - eventually- harness the power of data modelling. 

Lars van Tulden
About the author
Lars van Tulden
Data & Intelligence Consultant

For 6 years now, Lars has been mining the new gold that is data. Considering the power of data to improve digital products and solutions, he loves showing clients the true value of their own channels – through numbers and his own sheer curiosity.

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