10 tips for creating quality content on your website

The real work begins when creating a new website. Filling the website with quality content is an important part of the process. We often notice that customers struggle with aligning text and formatting images, which can compromise the design of the website. Fortunately, we have 10 tips to prevent this from happening.

Content tip 1: Keep your text relevant and unique

When filling your website with text, it is important to choose unique texts that are suitable for a screen. Avoid long blocks of text without subheadings and white spaces, as they are difficult to read and can cause unnecessary fatigue for the reader. To make your texts more readable, you can consider:

  • Catchy headlines and subheadings

  • White spaces between paragraphs

  • Bullet points or numbering

Content tip 2: Have your text checked

Language and grammar errors are unacceptable on a website. Therefore, always have your text proofread by a colleague with a passion for text. It is also recommended to use a copywriter for important texts on your website, such as a company text or a tagline.

Content tip 3: Use a plain text editor when copying and pasting

When copying text from Word and pasting it into your CMS system, the text often retains the formatting from the Word document. This can cause formatting issues. Therefore, use a plain text editor such as Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for iOS.

Content tip 4: Choose what to emphasize

When adding or improving your content, it is important to choose what to emphasize. Use bold, italic, underlined, or Caps-Lock text in bright colors to emphasize the message. However, choose only one message to emphasize, otherwise you will lose the overview of your website.

By the way, there are other ways to make your message stand out. Consider whether this can be done through a special button or a nice rounded corner at the top of the website. This is more appealing to visitors than a "forceful" text.

Content tip 5: Ensure high-quality images

In addition to text, images are an important part of your website. Therefore, ensure high-quality images that are tailored and not pixelated or blurry. Avoid pixelated edges for cut-out photos and make sure your logo and other image characteristics are sharp. If you are unsure, let the web designer who designed your website handle it. They often know what to look for.

Content tip 6: Coordinate colors

Make sure all colors on your website complement each other. Avoid combinations that clash, but look for colors that complement each other and stand out. A web designer can advise you on this.

Content tip 7: Create a representative video

Videos are hot and can create more engagement with your brand or product. However, make sure your video represents your company. Use interesting shots, camera angle changes, zoom effects, close-ups, wide shots, etc. Leave the editing to a professional.

Content tip 8: Check website changes

Check immediately after making changes to your website to ensure they are implemented correctly. View the live environment in a second tab and check that everything looks good. This prevents your entire layout from suddenly shifting.

Content tip 9: Extend your brand identity to other channels

Social media is an essential part of the online marketing landscape. Therefore, this tip not only applies to your own website, but also to all other channels, including your social media channels. Make sure your brand identity is consistent across all channels. Ensure that all channels are consistent in terms of design, content, text, and images.

Content Tip 10: Fix Technical Errors on Your Website

As a webmaster or content manager, you often come across technical errors or bugs. Check your CMS system or website for these errors and have them fixed to save yourself a lot of work. Hire a specialist to help you with this.

Do you have any comments or need more help with online marketing? Feel free to contact us. We have already helped various clients with their own content marketing and the effectiveness of this content.

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