The content experts of Entopic Amsterdam are joining iO


It’s time for the next Entopic-chapter. We’re turning the page and joining iO, the full-service agency that supports businesses and organisations from A to Z – and all the letters in between.

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At iO, you’ll get the best of both worlds: our in-depth expertise in content and our new colleagues’ strategic and technical skills.

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Why Entopic is becoming iO

As online content pioneers, we are incredibly proud to be joining an organisation as ambitious as iO. Because that gives us the opportunity to do what we love and what we’re good at – only better, faster and at a larger scale.

Creating strong content for your brand

This move will benefit you, as well

So, we’ll still create top-notch content, but by joining iO we’re giving your brand so much more. Are you facing any challenges in terms of marketing, technology or strategy? Let us solve them for you.

And you can rest easy, because nothing about our partnership will change. You will still be working with the same experts, our approach is still the same and our communication lines are still short.

The only thing that does change? Our name, and the fact that we can now rely on our new colleagues in Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond. That will make us all happy – trust us.

“iO combines different areas of expertise, which allows clients to rely on one agency for all services. That means we can now offer our clients a much better service.”

Theo Hylkema | iO

Theo Hylkema & Hans Postma, founders Entopic

We still love to see you walk through the door

Always welcome at our campus

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  • Our content specialists will continue to work in the Dutch capital – only now, that will be at iO Campus Amsterdam instead of the Entopic office.

  • Not at home right now? No problem: there are many other iO campuses across Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Bulgaria. Not matter what, we’re always closeby.

entopic | iO
logo entopic | iO

New name, same Entopic faces

Theo Hylkema
Founder Entopic

Hans Postma
Founder Entopic

Danny van Steijn
Operations Director Entopic

Eelko Wester
Content & Strategy Director Entopic

Jeroen Zwarthoed
Finance Director Entopic

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