DearNova, your expert in strategy & innovation, is now called iO.

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To have you advance even further, we, your trusted agency, have joined the international communication agency iO. Now, we can offer you an end-to-end service - on- and offline.

Why we joined iO

Under the wing of iO, we've extended our wingspan and expertise. Together as one we can make you fly higher. You're used to getting excellent innovation and strategy skills from us. Now we've extended our range and we can add these other [solutions] and more.

Let's spread our wings together and soar

A short quote on several lines from the founder of this company. Preferably on three or maximum four lines.

Future Proof Business

Name LastName, CEO DearNova

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More expertise makes you advance further, sharing more knowhow makes you smarter.

End-to-end: onestopshop, everything you need to end up ahead.

Your trusted SPOCs, approach, vision, but with a lot extras.

We are where you are at: we can meet on campus near you - just say the word and we'll be there. Everyone of our campuses share the same MO (approach, way of working, communication …)

Reassure: nothing changes for you and everything changes for the better.

You get the expertise and service you're used to. You've just earned yourself that extra service

Mention which expertise the agency is most known for.

Give an example of an obvious gap the agency had that has now been filled.

i.e.: You trusted us for content. Now we can develop the site to go with it.

iO is who we are: we share the same philosophy, vision and approach.

Your main contacts are your trusted SPOCS + the experts of other agencies

You'll still enjoy that personal touch your used to

Do you want to explore your new horizon?

Us becoming iO opens up perspectives for you. We can tackle more of your challenges today, advancing your business with services that before went beyond our regular offering. Let's look at how we can make you soar.

Explore new horizons

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or small side note
  • Data mining still has a lot of growth margin, so insightful data will play an increasingly important role in achieving business objectives.

  • Aggregate different data sources into 1 single version of truth (data warehouse) and build up reporting and intelligence to predict user behavior and trends.

Een tussenkopje
  • A measurement plan and implementation workflow are crucial parts of a data strategy because they have a major influence on the quality of the data and therefore on the quality of the decisions made on the basis of that data.

  • Market research creates the necessary context to get the right insights from data.

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