DearNova, your innovation and technology expert, is now part of iO.


To take even better care of you, we are joining iO. Now, we can truly be your partner when it comes to strategy, marketing, content and creation, and technology.

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We keep doing what we’ve been doing for years: finding solutions that fit your organisation to a tee. Rely on us from A to Z.

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We are facing the future with iO so we can do even more to help your brand. Want to know what that means for you?

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Why we are joining forces with iO

Okay, so we’re merging with iO. That means that we are expanding our service offering and that we aren’t just technology and innovation experts anymore. In other words: now you can tell us about even more challenges you face.

We will be giving you more from now on

DearNova and iO are becoming one, and that works out for everyone

We execute progress is in our blood. Makes sense, given the focus on technology and innovation DearNova has had since the very beginning. iO shares that DNA and has the experts to make that progress a reality: each and every one of them the cream of the crop when it comes to strategy, technology, content and creation, and marketing. So, rest assured: we’ll do anything and everything to get your organisation ahead of the competition.

Your contacts will stay the same, as will our way of working and our expertise.

Questions? Give us a call, we’d be happy to answer them

“The way we focus on technology and innovation is something we recognise in iO, which makes the switch truly seamless. And now, we can offer our clients so much more.”

Gerard van de Looi | iO

Gerard van de Looi, founder DearNova

What does our future at iO look like?

or have a cuppa at one of our campuses

  • We have over 70 professionals at DearNova. They will not be working form Vianen anymore, but will move to iO Campus Utrecht.

  • No matter what your problem looks like, you won’t just be able to rely on your trusted team, but also all our new iO colleagues in the Benelux and Sweden.

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The DearNova team

Gerard van de Looi
Founder DearNova

Olaf Stins
Director Operations DearNova

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