Codezilla front-end development is becoming iO.

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We’re still writing monstrously good code, but we’re doing it under a different name and in the full-service setting that iO provides.

Why Codezilla went with iO

We were at a pivotal point: explode or take a step back. We decided to go for bigger, stronger and better. By joining iO. That gives you a full-service partner with an expertise in technology, marketing, strategy, content and creation.

The next step in our story of growth

“By working with iO, the digital possibilities have increased drastically, both for our clients and our employees.”

Martin Gritter | iO

Martin Gritter, CEO Codezilla

How our experts will help you grow

It’s not just our company that’s growing by joining iO – our experts will continue to support you in your digital growth. And here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Front-end development

    Our experts have an expertise in front-end development, working with the latest libraries and frameworks. So we can confidently say that we’re frighteningly good at it.

  • Custom-built technological strategy

    We build user-friendly applications and platforms that truly help your target audiences and improve your business processes with a custom-built technological strategy.

  • In-house consultancy

    We’ll lend you our experts to build digital solutions from the inside. That gives you the best of both worlds: our in-depth expertise and a new colleague at the office.

Monstrously good code – and so much more

With a partner like iO, you gain expertise from any and every possible field. That means we can now help you from strategy to implementation and everything in between. Curious to see how huge you can become with iO?

Explore new horizons

We’re still ambitious and so is iO

or visit one of our campuses

  • Our roots as front-end developers are here to stay, but we’re growing new roots in strategy, marketing and creation. Other than that, everything stays the same. You’ll still be working in the same way with the same SPOCs, we’ll just be giving you more.

  • You can find us in the heart of the city, at iO Campus Utrecht. Or at one of our other campuses in the Benelux or beyond. If anything, we’ll always be near.

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The Codezilla team

Martin Gritter
CEO Codezilla

Remco van Blitterswijk
Co-Founder Codezilla

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