Awave, your trusted full-service web agency, is becoming iO.


We want to help you advance even further. That’s why Awave, your digital expert, is becoming iO. Now, we can help you through your entire process, with an impressive end-to-end service — online and offline.

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How Awave works for you

We build digital solutions that make an impact. We know how to help organisations grow — here’s how we can help you.

Let’s explore new horizons together

Riding the iO wave opens up new worlds. We are now more than a web agency — we’re an end-to-end partner who can help your organisation reach infinite opportunities.

Explore new horizons

Why we are jumping on the iO wave

At Awave, our people are at the center of everything we do — just like at iO. Our iO transformation is nothing more than a logical next step. In other words: there is now no digital service we cannot provide.

Let’s surf the wave of progress together

We are becoming iO, and that’s good news

Awave is becoming iO. That’s good for us, but also — and more importantly — for you.

We still give you the same high-quality service you have gotten used to, and you will stay in contact with the people you know. Nothing changes.

Our service offering increases dramatically, however. We’re no longer just experts in web development and digital growth — we now have colleagues with the right knowledge to help your organisation advance further.

Whatever you need, we can help you with it.

“The skills, knowledge, and expertise that we can offer to iO will have an unprecedented impact.”

Carl-Johan Beckman | iO

Carl-Johan Beckman, CEO Awave

Awave and iO: better, faster, and stronger together

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  • Within iO, we have in-depth expertise in many online and offline domains. We can rely on our new colleagues to help you solve marketing, technology, strategy, content, and creation problems.

  • Besides our home base in Stockholm, you can find iO colleagues in campuses across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria.

awave and iO
Awave and iO

The faces behind Awave

Carl-Johan Beckman
CEO Awave

Niklas Uddholm
CEO Awave

Kristian Johansson
President Awave

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