How do you help determined entrepreneurs launch their business?

Setting up a successful business and calling yourself an entrepreneur – it’s a secret desire for many. So it’s hardly surprising that the website of Partena Professional, an organisation that supports and advises entrepreneurs, gets heaps of visitors. And yet, Partena Professional wasn’t noticing any growth in its customer base. Together, we’re on the hunt for high-quality leads by optimising lead generation. How do we do that? We developed a success scan that detects the determined entrepreneurs, Partena Professional’s perfect leads, out of all the interested people.
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Partena Professional


Filtering high-quality leads for optimal lead generation


A success scan that gives insight into a lead’s entrepreneurial profile


How to find the right leads

Partena Professional is a safety net for entrepreneurs in many ways. They advise and support aspiring entrepreneurs when they’re launching their businesses. Day in and day out Partena Professional helps them turn their dreams into success. And iO is happy to contribute.  

As its partner, we now focus on lead generation. But the main question is: who is Partena Professional’s perfect lead? Entrepreneurs, yes, but more specifically serious entrepreneurs. People who are determined to steer their career in the right direction: owning a business. And how do we distinguish them from dreamers? Because dreamers aren’t ready to start taking those steps towards real entrepreneurship.  

We developed an accessible tool: the success scan. Based on people’s answers to the various questions concerning entrepreneurship, we divide them into four groups with each group corresponding to a certain profile. This way, Partena Professional knows exactly who’s the perfect lead.


Success scan reveals serious entrepreneurs

“Did you take the competition into account? Are you aware of the social contributions? Do you have an accountant?” With questions like these, we playfully test where the entrepreneurs are at. Do they still have their heads in the clouds or are they close to launching their business? The entrepreneurs and Partena Professional find out in a few steps.

From inspired dreamer to determined entrepreneur

The success scan gives Partena Professional a good idea of the user’s entrepreneurial profile. Based on the answers, we give users one of 4 profiles:

  • A dreamer. A dreamer is someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur. They can definitely turn their dreams into reality, but they still have their heads in the clouds.

  • A thinker. A thinker has already considered a future as a business owner. And yet, thinkers still have many steps to take before they’re ready to launch their businesses.

  • A builder. A builder is actively working on turning their entrepreneurial dream into reality.

  • An entrepreneur. The business of an entrepreneur is close to being ready. All they need to do is dot some i’s and ensure that the process becomes a success.

With the success scan, entrepreneurs can test how far along in the entrepreneurial journey they are in a fun way. And Partena Professional can clearly see who they can work with.


Partena Professional and entrepreneurs: thick as thieves

The profiles help Partena Professional segment leads. Builders and entrepreneurs are the perfect people to start a partnership with Partena Professional. These leads are seriously working on launching their business and are probably looking for a reliable partner. And, they are perfect for retargeting and remarketing campaigns. After taking the test, they get more information about the next steps in the process and we send them to the online entrepreneur desk.

Does that mean that dreamers and thinkers are not interesting? Not in the slightest. They can grow to become builders and entrepreneurs. That’s why we send them an email filled with tips and we ask them to rely on Partena Professional’s services. Informational sessions, starter guides and Dreams Lab can help them get to where they want to be.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! The scan is the perfect filter for Partena Professional to find the most interesting leads. This way, we contribute to lead generation: the builders and entrepreneurs need Partena Professional the most. And, the success scan also gives us valuable data, which we can use for remarketing purposes later on.

The success scan also has many returning visitors. This shows that the entertaining aspect of the quiz didn’t miss its mark. We can assume that aspiring entrepreneurs will encourage one another to take the test and see how ready they are. That contributes to more awareness of Partena Professional as a partner in entrepreneurship.

And just like that, iO is a proud builder of bridges between Partena Professional and the dreamers, thinkers, builders and entrepreneurs of the world.

Can’t reach your leads? Need help with lead generation?

At iO, we can help. Our experts can find out what your obstacles look like and how you can grow. Feel free to contact us.