How iO built a scalable digital infrastructure for Nutricia Worldwide

How do you manage digital content for 45+ countries across the world?


Nutricia Worldwide


Manage digital content for 45+ countries


A digital infrastructure based on an adaptable WordPress blueprint

In 2020, Nutricia — a brand which has had a profound impact in the clinical nutrition industry for more than 120 years — was looking for a way to share their digital content with young mothers in 45+ countries. In other words: they needed a partner to guide their digital transformation.

At iO, there’s nothing we love more than to help organisations bring their digital presence to the next level. Let’s take a look at how we helped Nutricia.

About Nutricia

Nutricia is a Dutch brand dedicated to therapeutic food and infant formula. The brand has been producing infant milk formula since 1896 and started producing specialised milk products in 1905. Just over 100 years later, in 2007, Nutricia joined French food products group Danone. Since 2018, Nutricia has been a client of iO.

The question

How do you manage, organise, and publish content in 45+ countries across the world? With a flexible, scalable digital infrastructure, as it turns out. Allow us to explain.

Nutricia Worldwide is a division of Nutricia that controls the digital infrastructure for 45 countries across Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Key countries for this division include Serbia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Ecuador, Mexico, and Panama.

This digital infrastructure must be a cost-effective, integrated stack of technologies — software and hardware — which powers user experiences that drive customer engagement, sales, and loyalty.

This setup must allow for local adaptations, including design changes, local language URLs, and accessibility support. The separate websites must be part of one structure, yet be managed independent from each other.

No simple feat, in other words.

The solution

Within months from the start of the project, iO developed an adaptable WordPress blueprint across different Nutricia brands and regions.

The stack included:

  • A user-friendly WordPress CMS setup that is adaptable and flexible across multiple countries, languages, and brands;

  • The setup and implementation of a CRM and marketing automation system that covers personalised customer journeys in all countries;

  • A mobile-first approach, since 85% of traffic comes from mobile devices;

  • An always-on traffic acquisition layer that covers both SEO and SEA in supporting local stakeholders.

Our teams worked in close collaboration with the Nutricia Worldwide team — with weekly review stand-up meetings, bi-weekly meetings with the external product owner, and retrospective meetings to discuss what went well and what could be improved.

Harnessing the power of WordPress

When looking for a …

  • cost-effective platform …

  • that is easy to manage, …

  • has a strong focus on SEO, …

  • supports a multi-language setup, …

  • has a logical page hierarchy, …

WordPress comes out on top.

It’s the best platform to manage websites independently — while they still fall under one structure — and it seamlessly integrates tools like Cloudflare, BugHerd, Gigya CRM, and Danone’s own Poop Checker.

The result

So far, we’ve rolled out the WordPress blueprint stack across 16 countries — and counting.

We continue working on the global branding (AptaClub / NutriciaClub), the corporate branding (Nutricia), and the local regional branding (Bebelac in Latin America, Milupa in Balkan and CIS countries).

All websites are e-commerce ready and include functionalities like log-in flows, location-based and cross-brand store locators, and extensive security layers.

Until today, our online marketing efforts have generated over 1,37M touchpoints on a daily basis to mothers worldwide.

What’s also good to know: the top 10 highest ranking websites within Danone’s internal Digital Health Tool — which scans over 500 websites — are part of the digital infrastructure created by iO.

Are you also struggling with content management?

Our marketing and technology experts can’t wait to find — or build — the right solution for you.


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