The learning path is central in one clear education portal for the RINO Groep


One complete portal that unites a large amount of educational information and makes it available to the various user groups in a clear and user-friendly manner.

  • A role-based education portal

  • Convergence of different data sources

  • Information display in a logical and intuitive way

  • The individual learning process as a foundation

Hi Lovie Awards judges!

We proudly present our entry within the Apps, Platforms & Software category. With the education portal for non-profit organisation the RINO Groep, we support more than 5,000 mental health professionals in continuous learning and self-development.

For this, we created an education portal that delivers an exceptional user experience with an extremely user-friendly design and valuable functionality.

Happy reading.

To RINO Groep

Support care professionals' learning process online with the right information.


Unite education information and communication in one user friendly portal.


Many care and aid workers are under pressure. They experience stress from different directions and developments follow each other in rapid succession. It can sometimes be a challenge to keep up professionally. As a care worker, how can you trust that your expertise is up-to-date and that you remain inspired?

“Everything is in one place, I find my way around easily.”

- User feedback after launch


A personal learning path to keep growing

The RINO Groep supports over 5,000 professionals with continuing education in healthcare. The education portal is a crucial touchpoint in which the RINO Groep can offer its information in a structured manner. It’s the place where healthcare professionals are supported, based on their individual learning needs.

Because that is one of the foundations of the RINO Groep: offering professionals their own learning path, based on what they need.

However, the old portal was not sufficient to provide this support. It was outdated, and users – participants, trainers and employees – increasingly encountered impracticalities. So: it was time for renewal.

About the RINO Groep

Together with top teachers, the RINO Groep offers innovative training, courses and conferences tailored to professionals in mental health care. These include psychologists, remedial educationalists, nurses and social workers.

They support these professionals by enabling them to continue learning throughout their lives, to care for people with psychological vulnerabilities. To this end, she translates high-quality knowledge into practice. This way, they contribute to the quality of life in society.

Complex under the surface…

There were a lot of elements to consider when creating the portal. After all, the portal provides everything that is needed for the educational process:

  • Course materials and digital literature

  • Tests and reports

  • Daily communication

  • Administrative and educational processes

  • The progress of the learning process

  • Information about and management of courses and training

This means that an immense amount of data had to be united. In addition, all this information had to be made visible quickly and clearly, in the places that made the most sense to the user.

  • Educational progress 

  • Agenda 

  • Schedule 

  • Status and assessment of tests and assignments 

  • Information about training  

  • Time registration 

  • Registration procedure 

  • Billing 

  • Contact details 

  • Profile data 

  • Group allocation 

  • Approval, disapproval, and provision of feedback 


The right information, for the right person, at the right time

In addition, different types of user groups had to be taken into account, which could also differ from each other. After all, the needs of a teacher differ significantly from those of an administrative assistant. And not every professional follows the same learning paths. Yet they all use the same portal.

The RINO Groep and iO worked closely together to gain insights into who needs what information and where. And on what information is stored and displayed. Part of this can be automated by using an API that is connected to a person’s profile in the basic registration.

This ensures that users will always see the information that is important and relevant to them.

…with a user-friendly interface

The portal was complex beneath the surface, which is not something you want the user to notice. That's why we've put extra effort into simplifying the interface.

Making the portal intuitive and clear was one of the spearheads of the project. The portal has a strong and user-friendly design, in which the goal of the RINO Groep is paramount: supporting professionals.

‘The new Education Portal looks great.’


Modern technology for providing high-quality digital resources

To improve the effectiveness and user experience of the education portal, front-end developers, back-end developers, and user experience designers started developing the new portal.

Since the project is largely about data and its representation, a combination of React, NextJS and Apollo GraphQL was chosen.

But the work doesn’t stop after the launch. The portal is constantly being developed, optimised and equipped with additional functionalities.

The result?

  • The portal is becoming an increasingly indispensable part of the RINO Groep’s digital landscape. Participants can work, educating themselves in the portal for years.

  • A user-friendly and personal experience through role-based design and seamless integration with individual (learning) needs.

  • Clear insight into relevant information and processes.

  • Relieving the workload through automated administrative and educational processes.

  • Insights to support the definition and achievement of professional’s individual (learning) goals.