Navigating the competitive fashion industry

The fashion industry is known for its fierce competitiveness. Companies in the industry need an extensive media mix and need to know how to effectively use it if they want to thrive. And that’s exactly why CKS asked iO for support. The Belgian fashion label was looking for a partner that could proactively advise them on every aspect of their channel mix.




Managing an extensive media mix for advertising campaigns


A comprehensive advertising strategy with continuous monitoring.

CKS: made in Belgium

CKS is a Belgian fashion label with a webshop and 16 brick-and-mortar shops. The label focuses on sustainable and high-quality clothing that is completely manufactured in Belgium and is known for its colourful, unique designs and inspiring outfits.

Being a 100% Belgian label with a sustainable business model, CKS wants to keep building its brand identity and communicate it to its target audience. However, a strong brand identity isn’t enough to make ends meet as a retailer. You also need an effective G2M strategy that is under constant optimisation. 

A challenging market

The fashion industry is one the most challenging out there. Some players have a very strong online presence, as well as an extensive offering and service. Also, many of said players have a big network of brick-and-mortar shops that they can use to target shoppers and offer a unique in-shop experience.

On top of the fashion industry’s competitiveness, consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), online accessibility and flexibility (such as free shipping and returns).

A continuous partnership is the key to success

CKS was adamant to keep control of the executive side of things. However, because of its fierce competition, the label wanted to work with a partner who knows all the ins and outs of performance marketing. After all, you have to fight for every little improvement in the KPIs. 

We work with CKS on a consultancy basis to develop an advertising strategy and help the label meet its business goals. We analyse CKS’ campaigns every month and continuously monitor advertising performance to gather insights for optimisation recommendations. These recommendations are based either on actual figures or the trends we notice in the industry and on our advertising platforms. 

We walk CKS through the insights during monthly strategy meetings. During these meetings, we focus on always-on campaigns that inspire and motivate the target audience, as well as targeted shopping- and remarketing campaigns that generate sales. 

Learn how to use the right channels at the right moment

An extensive media mix is only useful if you know how to use it correctly. Don't have the knowledge or time to focus on this yourself? Our experts are happy to help you.


A comprehensive strategy is taking shape

Every month, we get closer to a more comprehensive strategy. One that better serves CKS’ target audience and that focuses on achieving the fashion label’s marketing and business goals.

We already undertook various actions to improve account, campaign and ad quality. These actions include: 

  • adjust settings to improve performance on the account-level

  • give advice on how to create better ad visuals

  • give advice on content planning optimisation

Before our partnership, CKS was struggling to achieve a positive ROAS (ROAS < 1). That’s why we decided to put more focus on industry trends and optimise the strategy for the best-performing channels. This approach helped us grow the ROAS by 62% between Q1 and Q4 of 2022.

Our partnership continues

Our partnership with CKS continues in 2023. We already discussed past year’s learnings with the fashion label and got an insight into its strategy for the upcoming year, which allows us to come up with ideas and challenge the label even more.

For example, we were already able to make lots of pragmatic recommendations to CKS to not only further improve its ROAS but also help it reach its sales targets.

Always up-to-date in an ever-changing industry

The digital advertising landscape is ever-changing. But thanks to our dedicated team of digital performance marketers, we are always on top of the latest digital novelties and trends. They tell us exactly what we should focus on every single month and help iO stay on top of its game.