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13 April 2022
United Brands Association (UBA) and iO collaborate to develop the five-part video training “E-commerce in 2022” at the UBA Academy.
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Herentals, 14 April 2022 — In a new training video, Kristof Bossuyt (Business Development Director at iO) and his fellow experts from iO take a closer look at the dominant trends and challenges in the e-commerce landscape. iO developed this training in collaboration with UBA Academy, and it’s available on the platform 24/7.

Sharing iO’s e-commerce expertise at the UBA Academy

Buying and selling online is becoming increasingly important. That is why iO became a UBA expertise partner. This collaboration starts with five training videos on e-commerce, giving UBA members access to essential insights about the e-commerce landscape of tomorrow. The first part of the training — E-commerce Basics — is presented by Kristof Bossuyt , Business Development Director at iO.

“Belgian marketers are finally embracing the e-commerce revolution. However, they feel that their e-commerce knowledge lacks sufficient maturity to make the right decisions. We want this training to increase the competitiveness of Belgian companies,” says Kristof.

Knowledge about e-commerce is becoming indispensable for marketers 

The training mainly focuses on the e-commerce market in Belgium. We will be covering the following topics: e-commerce models, trends and challenges, ways to build a strong e-commerce strategy, and two case studies for inspiration. 


About UBA

UBA stands for United Brands Association and is the Belgian association for advertisers, of and for brands. Our mission is to create a creative, innovative and transparent eco-system that provides a unique breeding ground for strong and sustainable brands. Our community of 370 companies, represents 1050 brands and brings together 7200 brand builders.

About iO

A growing team of experts, iO provides services for communication and digital transformation — from concept to execution. Strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology, iO helps organisations to strengthen and develop their brand, improve digital systems, and provide consistent future-proof growth. 

Founded in 2005, iO (formerly Intracto Group) has been central to the digitisation of local, national and international companies including Audi, Brussels Airport, Efteling, Eneco, and Sodexo.

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