11.11.11 chooses iO as digital partner 

10 November 2023
iO emerged as the victor in a recent digital pitch for 11.11.11, and thus is now a digital partner of the umbrella organisation for international solidarity.  
11.11.11 website

A new front-end, not a complete  rebuild   

11.11.11 were looking for a completely new website in the tender. Based on technological and strategic considerations, iO made a counter-proposal: updating the website to Drupal 10, designing a new information architecture, and developing a new front-end. A proposal that was well received. 

"Sometimes you just have to take the leap and go for a brand new website. But when the underlying technology is up-to-date, you can save both time and money with a smart update. This upgrade removes the need for all existing content to go through a heavy migration process. We will get to that, if necessary, as the project develops,"  says Tom Van Mierlo , Strategy Director at iO.  

Blended expertise is the key to success 

For this project, iO brings together various areas of expertise in a dedicated 'blended' team to make the project a success. That team works seamlessly with a project team on the client's side. iO's technology and strategy teams aren't the only ones excited about the collaboration. 11.11.11 responded positively: 

"During the pitch, it was obvious that iO had the necessary quality and depth. We look forward to working with iO to write the next digital chapter of   11.11.11," says Katrien Heughebaert , Director Marketing, Communication & Fundraising at 11.11.11. 

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