How strategy, technology and talent come together in the world of Marketplaces

7 November 2022

All good things come in threes. The Three Wise Men, the Three Jewels in Buddhism, the trias politica or the three times when a wise person was supposed to thank for the honor before accepting it anyway. Therefore, in The iO Amsterdam Update of Tuesday, September 13, we focus on three crucial elements, which together play a determining role in the success of the fast-growing phenomenon of marketplaces: strategy, technology and talent.

It is evident that former Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos told us in a compelling way that these three conditions are inextricably linked to each other in order to be able to hold your own at all in the extremely fast world in the ultimate top of motorsport. But strategy, technique and talent are also decisive to regain control of your brand, develop innovativeness or be pan-European successful. Sandra van der Meijs, John Lin and Stef Caris each explained how they put that into practice with Pokon Naturado, and Philips Domestic Appliances, respectively.

Still want to check out the presentations?

You can! Sandra van der Meijs (iO), John Lin ( and Stef Caris (Philips Domestic Appliances) have made their presentations available.

View Sandra's presentation on Pokon Naturado > download here

View the presentation by John Lin ( > download here

Watch the presentation by Stef Caris (Philips Domestic Appliances) > download here

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