Event-triggered multichannel marketing


Event-triggered marketing, the process of identifying, prioritising, categorising, monitoring, optimising and executing, is the most effective exercise multichannel marketers can do to reach audiences at the right moment. In this whitepaper we take you through five quintessential steps for event-triggered multichannel marketing.

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Today, many multichannel marketers are applying event-triggered tactics to multichannel marketing techniques, such as social marketing, mobile marketing, inbound calls, lead management, direct mail email marketing and even the Internet of Things.

In this whitepaper:

  • how to identify specific events

  • determine types of trigger for process creation

  • approaches to monitor and detect events

  • optimize event-triggered marketing

  • scale, automate and execute triggers

Never stop learning, always keep evolving

An attempt to act on every event quickly becomes unmanageable. Create multiple processes to begin to scale, automate and execute on the event triggers. Marketers should assemble the various roles and skills needed to execute on events. This will mean fitting the skill set within multiple channels to support each event interaction.

Jacob Eeckhout
Jacob Eeckhout
Center of Excellence Lead Marketing - iO

Als lid van Generation Y is Jacob altijd al geïnteresseerd geweest in digitale technologie en de impact ervan op 'hoe we dingen doen'. Marketing is een uitstekend voorbeeld hoe we daarin veranderen. Vandaag de dag deelt Jacob veel marketingkennis van iO met oog voor de jacht op ‘betere’ marketing: het type dat draait om het maken van authentieke connecties en het oplossen van echte problemen via innovatieve technologie.