Adnight: Future in the making

14 oktober 2022 om 16:00 - 19:00

The biggest open night for the creative industry.

Tot volgend jaar bij iO x ADNIGHT 2023!

Thank you

iO (Campus Amsterdam) x ADNIGHT 2022

ADNIGHT at iO (Campus Amsterdam) was a blast! What a great night with so many nice people, inspiration, creativity, talks, tech, art and DJs. Thanks for joining and see you next year!

In the first talk, Guido Jilderda en Sean Lottering took us through the impact of data on platforms and what this means for creation, business and society.

Anthony Harrisons talk was about his obstacles from the past and how he sees the future. For himself, but also for a new generation of creatives.

You have witnessed an AI Art Installation SUPERCELL (5 by 10 meters) of Talking Heads, by Arno Coenen in collaboration with Rodger Werkhoven. There was Light Art by Boris Acket, a video wall by Benjamin Muzzin & Bogomir Doringer and an iO Hackathon with flying drones.

And of course there was food, drinks and music. DJs Nathifa Efia, Franky Sticks and Full Crate were rocking the night.

The biggest open night for the creative industry was a blast!

Check here the photos >

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