How to choose an appropriate data analytics platform?

19 octobre 2023

A data analytics platform extracts data from websites and apps and processes it into actionable insights for your business operations. At the beginning of 2023, Google Analytics still had a market share of over 85% in our region and the choice was often an easy one. However, after a series of complaints and questions about its compatibility with GDPR legislation, Google Analytics is balancing on the edge of legality. Consequently, the following question arises: what should you pay attention to when choosing another data analysis platform?


Make a list of your needs and wishes

After several privacy complaints and the phasing out of Universal Analytics, a growing number of companies are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics. In your search for a replacement, it is first and foremost important to know exactly what you want to get out of such a platform.

Make a list of the things you use your current platform for, that can already have a big influence on your choice. Furthermore, there may be features you miss on your current platform. Make a note of these as well: maybe other platforms offer them. Also pay close attention to the scalability of the platforms, so that you don't run into problems in case of growth.

In addition, it is important to know your KPIs, so you can track them with your new tool. Do you want more traffic on your website? Do you want a higher conversion rate? Do you want to segment users to advertise in a more targeted way? Finally, check out the extensions that platforms offer, such as consent management, A/B testing, heatmaps and tag management systems.

Thanks to a clear view of your needs and wishes, you can better compare the features of different platforms and thus make a better choice.

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Choose a compliant platform 

If you trade in Google Analytics because of privacy issues, you obviously want to be sure that the replacement is fully compliant. Check which rules your platform must comply with in addition to GDPR legislation, such as HIPAA or CNIL.

Also, data analytics platforms often have features to ensure your visitors' privacy, such as IP anonymisation, cookie management & cookie-less tracking, data retention settings, opt-out settings, and extended access settings. Finally, some platforms have an on-premises option, which guarantees you 100% ownership over the data you collect.

Go for user-friendly 

Go for a user-friendly platform, as data collection is useless if you don't know how to gain the desired insights. Look at which employees will be using the platform: can they work with it or are you better off choosing a simpler tool? Dashboards and custom reports are also important here: do the right people get to the right data easily? And does the platform provider offer training? Also pay attention to the tool's data model: if it differs significantly from the model of your historical data, comparisons can be tricky.


Pay attention to integrations

Integrations are important for data analytics platforms because they allow you to connect data from different sources and tools, giving you a finer-grained picture of your marketing efforts. So, make sure that the integrations from your current platform are also possible with your next platform. For example, think about connections with ad platforms, your CRM, dashboards, or a data warehouse.

Keep an eye on your budget

Of course, budget plays a role in your choice of a suitable data analysis platform. Some tools offer a limited free version, others a free trial. Also, the price tag often skyrockets the more data you collect. So don't get blinded by basic prices and take growth (scalability) and traffic peaks into account.

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