Be Connect, the creative performance agency, is now called iO.

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We want to continue delivering your brand story to your target audiences in a captivating way. That’s exactly why we joined iO — the international, full-service powerhouse. Our services are now broader, deeper, and stronger than ever.

Why we joined iO

We are transforming into iO to help you advance further. You were already used to our expertise in creative performance and online advertising. Now, we have extended our range, and our story is one of more, better, faster.

The international powerhouse

“Our clients can now rely on an even wider range of competences and an even stronger pool of experts.”

Sabrina Bulteau | iO

Sabrina Bulteau & Olivier de Decker, co-founders Be Connect

Be Connect and iO: creating bold stories together

Be Connect and iO is truly a match made in heaven. Our experts and their knowledge of strategy, content, and performance are a perfect fit for an ambitious end-to-end partner like iO.

Rest assured, though — every change we make is a change for the better. Our focus is on improving our partnership with you.

Your everyday contacts will stay the same, we will use the same approach as always, and our vision remains unchanged.

You can count on the expertise you’ve gotten used to — supported by new colleagues across several campuses near you.

How we connect the dots

With these services and solutions, we make sure you stay ahead of your competitors and keep your clients happy.

  • Strategy

    We help you build robust strategic guidelines that steer your brand story and your organisation’s marketing and communication efforts down the road.

  • In-house consultancy

    Do you need more than an agency partner for your marketing and brand building? Our in-house consultants know the ins and outs of your business and are happy to help you.

  • Content campaigns

    Content marketing is not an exact formula you can copy and paste — we specifically calibrate our content campaigns to fit your industry, purpose, and products or services.

  • Community management

    An authentic community is invaluable to organisations around the globe. We build and interact with a community of clients, leads, partners, and other stakeholders.

  • Social ads management

    We set up and manage tailor-made advertisements on the appropriate social media channels to generate the high-quality leads your organisation needs.

  • SEO & SEA

    Our experts harness the power of search engines through organic SEO efforts and effective SEA campaigns, targeting the keywords that matter.

Be Connect is moving beyond creative performance

At iO, we will continue to create bold stories together. We no longer focus solely on creative performance marketing — as part of a larger team with experience in all domains imaginable, we can now tackle even more of your challenges.

Explore new horizons
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The people behind Be Connect

Sabrina Bulteau
Co-founder & CEO Be Connect, Service Line Director Strategy iO

Olivier de Decker
Co-founder & MD Be Connect

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