The significance of data in digital marketing


Data help the marketeer implement digital marketing techniques in customer communication. But how do you use that data, exactly? And how can you enjoy the full force of data? In this whitepaper, we will show you how to optimise your customer and prospect communication through segmentation and personalisation. Moreover, we’ll show you how AI supports these processes.

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There’s no point in collecting loads of data without being able to implement them into your marketing campaigns. Segmentation and personalisation are vital parts of your digital marketing strategy if you want to give the recipient of your messages a great experience.

In this whitepaper:

  • 6 reasons why data is important

  • The challenge in handling data

  • Types of data to use for segmentation and personalisation

  • Segmentation – the right way

  • Personalising your message

  • What to expect from AI

Data – the key to your customer’s mind (heart)

What are your (potential) customers interested in? What do they want to see, hear, read? The only way to find out is collecting data in a smart (and ethical) way. And using them correctly, of course.

Want to map out a strong data strategy? Our experts will support you and show you the opportunities. Contact us.

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