Building brands with content


Brands are built with advertising, and content then adds depth to the brand, right? Not if you ask Aart Lensink. As a content expert, he helped several brands tell strong stories, and now he's sharing his knowledge on building brands with content in this e-book— packed with examples and with a concrete step-by-step plan. 

Download the (Dutch) e-book

Do you recognise these questions as a marketer?

  • On which insights do I base my brand strategy?

  • What's a good brand story (and what's not)?

  • What's the right budget allocation between brand awareness and activation?

  • How do I build a consistent brand and transcend loose ideas?

  • How do I distinguish my brand from others?

  • How do I create a corporate pay-off that truly tells a story?

Do you recognise yourself in these questions? Then this e-book might be for you. You'll discover the answers to all these questions — and more.

With hands-on tips, practical tools, and crystal-clear insights, you too will soon be building a rock-solid strategy to market your brand with content.

In this e-book

This e-book will tell you everything you need to know about building brands with content. The e-book is divided into four blocks:

  • Block 1: Crash course

  • Block 2: Inspiration

  • Block 3: Building campaigns and brands with content

  • Block 4: Examples

Note: the e-book is only available in Dutch.

Aart Lensink | iO
About the author
Aart Lensink
Managing Director iO Campus Utrecht

From his background in journalism, Aart has evolved broadly over the years — including in media, content, and marketing. He previously wrote the books 'Getting started with content marketing' and 'Formats, the next step in content marketing' — and that didn't go unnoticed. Over the past decade, Aart and his team have devised and implemented many award-winning strategies for brands.

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