iO @ Devoxx ’23: Tomorrow Is Now

2 octobre 2023, 07:00

2023 promises an exciting 20th edition of Devoxx – the renowned Antwerp Java & technology conference. Building on the immense success of the previous year, which attracted over 3,200 attendees and sold out in mere minutes, this five-day technology conference is set to exceed expectations. As Gold Partner, it comes to no surprise that we can be found at Devoxx , ready to meet all participants – amidst a vibrant community. Will we see you at Devoxx too?


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High expectations, but we’re sure they will be met – thanks to the presence of the tech industry’s brightest minds comprising both local and global talent. All of us together will represent a valuable community to delve into the newest advancements in numerous tech areas around Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, and Programming Languages. 

Artificial intelligence is omnipresent, as are the interesting concepts that come with it. So, expect the latest developments and methodologies to go around by way of talks, presentations, and discussions at Devoxx. AI is here to stay, bringing plenty of potential along with it. Devoxx might just prove the perfect location to discover what the future has in store for all of us. 

iO: Gold Partner at Devoxx 2023 

And what about iO? Being Gold Partner, there will be no escaping us at Devoxx. As a sponsor, but also as a blended agency that demolishes the traditional walls separating the agency, consultancy and technology worlds.   

We blend talents from different specialisms. Strategy, technology, content, creation and marketing and, by doing so, create future-proof customer experiences. By working like this - for ourselves and for our clients - innovation becomes key. And that innovation, coupled with knowledge and (project) experience, is exactly what we have to offer at a conference like Devoxx. Plenty to talk about, rest assured. 

Naturally, iO’s experts are set to attend Devoxx and more. At iO, we love to meet enthusiastic developers who experiment, innovate, and perfect – making magic happen along the way. Be sure to pass by our booth, visit our talks and sessions and stay in touch long afterwards. Last year, we hosted one of Devoxx’ top ten rated talks for an audience of hundreds of technologists, diving into the details of passwordless flows – with immense success. 

The iO Talks at Devoxx 2023

Attending Devoxx Belgium presents a remarkable opportunity to broaden your knowledge and refine what you know of the most recent technologies, particularly in the ever-evolving fields of AI and Java. A contemporary development of note: the upcoming release of Java 21. 

Want to know more about the conference? 

Visit the conference website for your tickets, more info on the event, and discover what to expect coming October. Let’s meet up in Antwerp! 

Or stay updated on all things iO & Devoxx? 

Curious as to find out what iO is set to bring to the Devoxx floor, as well as what you can get out of it? We’ll soon announce our booth and talk details so be sure to register for email updates as our Devoxx presence will continue to take shape in the coming months. All it takes is a single click of a button! 

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