Coven of Wisdom: AI meetup

14 September 2023, 6pm – 9pm
Free of charge

Are you seeing more and more news on your timeline about your tech stack in combination with AI? And are you curious about what information is truly relevant to you about AI, so you can work even more efficiently on software projects? 

During the Coven of Wisdom's AI meetup, a knowledge event for and by developers, you will get a nuanced view on how you can make smart use of AI. Software Developer Job van Drunen will take you through the possibilities, pitfalls, and impact of AI on society, and Senior Frontend Consultant Vince Liem will explain how to work with AI as productively as possible.  

Interested? Register for the Coven of Wisdom's AI meetup on Thursday 14 September at iO Campus Eindhoven and secure one of the 75 spots.  

Coven of Wisdom AI meetup

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Topics of this meetup
AI: What even is it?

Job van Drunen will help you understand the potential, pitfalls, and impact of AI on society. With the news you see almost daily about AI, it can be challenging to distinguish the main points from the details. Job will help you to find the relevant information, provide an insider's perspective on the current state of AI, and explain the benefits and the potential drawbacks.  

Generative AI: An anything-to-anything translation device

Why is everything you read suddenly about AI? Hasn’t AI already existed for ages? What is the difference between traditional AI and generative AI? Vince Liem will give you a fresh perspective on how you could see AI and the concepts of Large Language Models or Generative AI and explain how to be as productive as possible with them. While explaining that, Vince will push the current AI possibilities to their technical limits. 

The programme
  • 6pm: Welcome 

  • 6:30pm: Pizza 

  • 7pm: AI: What even is it? – Job van Drunen  

  • 7:45pm: Break 

  • 8pm: Generative AI: An anything-to-anything translation device – Vince Liem 

  • 8:30pm: Networking and drinks 

  • 9pm: Closing time  

Did we spark your interest?

Curious? Sign up via the registration form now to be sure of one of the 75 spots. Attendance is free and catering is taken care of, all free of charge. After registration, you will receive more information about the programme and practicalities. 

iO's Coven of Wisdom: The Netherlands' key tech community

With Coven of Wisdom, we want to encourage digital talents to look over the proverbial fence and share insights on other parts of the tech stack. All this happens in a very accessible, informal atmosphere, open to everyone. 

About the speaker
Job van Drunen
Software Developer - iO

Job is an experienced Java back-end developer with extensive knowledge of a range of technologies, including AWS, Azure, Elasticsearch, Quarkus, Spring Boot, Swagger, OpenAI and SQL. What's one of the most important things he has learnt in recent years? That it is always the human element that makes technology. And this, according to Job, also applies to AI. AI has enormous potential, but it is also important to be aware of the possible pitfalls, so that we can retain the human aspect. Job is therefore committed to having open and honest conversations about AI’s impact on society.

About the speaker
Vince Liem
Senior Frontend Consultant & AI expert – iO

Software consultant Vince has a thing for AI. At a young age, he discovered his love – and talent – for programming. Today, (generative) AI definitely has his attention. It did when GPT-3 appeared on the scene in 2022. Today, he helps fellow developers at iO become future-proofed using his knowledge of AI. Vince's guilty pleasure: creating AI-generated art with open-source platform Stable Diffusion.

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