Are online (3D) product configurators already boosting your sales?

14 juin 2022

Product configurators are already an established part of many sales processes. Just think of interiors, furniture, cars and personalised (luxury) products. But did you know that you can use product configurators and 3D visualisation to boost your sales processes? It’s not just an added bonus, or technical wizardry that’s just there to impress, but real technology that converts leads.


The contemporary consumer seeks products that can be adapted to perfectly meet their needs. In the past we did all this on location: at the tailor, carpenter or jeweller, for example. Little has changed in that regard in the meantime, only that it now happens digitally, worldwide and 24/7.

Says more than a thousand images

Product configurators let us put together any desired, customisable product without the need for any special knowledge. Think of colour, material, shape, specific features and functions – all while giving you a 3D view of the product from all perspectives. This means we experience the product before it actually exists. And the shopping experience? It all happens at home, or wherever you are.

Photorealistic 3D visualisation allows us to create images that photography could never achieve, and can be a cost-effective alternative for certain projects.

So: is your product impossible to capture in one image? Or is there impressive technology that’s not visible on a 'normal' photo? Then you need to read the tips below.

Configurators in action

Interiors and furniture

We developed an in-depth product configurator, an interactive tool for use at trade fairs and events for interior expert Van Hoecke in Sint-Niklaas. With a few clicks, visitors can visualise their chosen products down to the smallest detail. As a user, you can play with dimensions and materials, in real-time and in 3D – even in 360 degrees.

vanhoecke | iO

We built a variant of the interactive tool for the webshop. A 3D rendering was less interesting in this instance. We used static visuals, but with different product variants that users can select. Added value is provided by a dynamic price indicator. With each change, the visitor sees the effect on the price in real time.

We want to inspire and engage trade fair visitors and move webshop visitors towards making purchases. The right technology makes all the difference.


For well-known car brands such as BMW, Audi, Renault and Volkswagen , an intelligent configuration wizard is the standard first step in the sales process. The concept is (almost) the same everywhere.

As a website visitor, you start by selecting a standard model and then you personalise it. You choose the colour, the interior trim, technical gadgets, and then you can see what 'your' car looks like. You leave your details and receive the corresponding quotation in your inbox. Then all you have to do is walk into the showroom, armed with your choice of car. This saves a lot of time.

Blog-configurator BMW | iO

Strikingly, sector rebel Tesla opted for a significantly simpler configuration process. You choose from a limited number of models, followed by the engine, colour and the rims.

Blog-configurator Tesla | iO

Customisable products: various

Configurators come in all shapes and sizes and can achieve different (sales) goals. Like that of the events sector, for example. Various web shops allow organisers to design their own festival tokens, wristbands and goodies. No need to talk to a designer, you get the result you had in mind with just a few clicks.

The application that iO made for the chocolate maker Ovidias is another example of the product configurator in use. When you’re choosing delicious chocolates, you can design a unique label without the need for graphic software or skills.

Blog-configurator Ovidias | iO

7 reasons why a product configurator is a good idea

You reduce the chance of (serious) mistakes

Personalisation was once a manual process. Error prone and dependent on crystal clear communication. With a configurator personalisation in the hands of the user. The impact of adjustments is visible immediately and the user is always in control.

First impressions count

That first moment, the initial visual acquaintance with a product stands or falls with the right image. A photo can only show so much. A configurator or 3D model puts your product on an interactive stage and allows the visitor to view it from all sides.

The right configurator: 80% fewer returns

Product returns are the new normal. Wrong size? Wrong description? Different colour or does not meet expectations? There are plenty of reasons why consumers make returns. A product configurator can reduce returns by up to 80%. Why? Because your users know exactly what to expect, because they put it together themselves.

Fast and efficient order management

Orders are often processed manually. By linking a configurator to internal systems and automating these processes, your organisation can handle orders more efficiently with minimal chance of errors.

Unlimited combinations

Is your product available in 5 models and 100 different colours? That’s a lot to offer – too much to show at once. A configurator makes your offer visible and accessible.

Customisation is (un)affordable

Research shows that customers are willing to pay 30-50% more for customisation. And why wouldn’t they? Owning a unique product is special and there is something to be said for that.

You shorten the sales cycle

A good configurator immediately shows the user the price of their product choice. They don't have to wait days for a quote and can immediately engage with their composite product.

Which configurator matches your product and audience?

Do you have a broad offer and do you want to show and encourage your users to experience it using a (3D) product configurator? At iO, our experts are available to go through all of the possibilities with you. If you would like more information about product configurators contact us to arrange a chat with one of our experts. With campuses across the Benelux, you’re never far away from iO.

Want to know more about UX best practices or do you need help optimising the user experience of your digital project?

Contact iO, our experts would love to share their knowledge of UX with you. Schedule a chat or call into one of our campuses.

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