How to generate more valuable leads with your LinkedIn profile

24 mai 2023

How do potential customers know you are the solution to their pressing problems? And how do you make sure they easily find you? Simple: through LinkedIn. In this blog, we’ll teach you how you can turn your profile into a converting web page and a personal branding tool. Whether you are a sales professional, business developer, or account manager: these tips are for you.


Not only headhunters scour LinkedIn, even your potential customers are looking for interesting contacts there: service providers who can help them with their challenges, or inform them about products and services. But how good is your LinkedIn profile? If you optimize it, you can increase your visibility, generate more leads, and build stronger relationships with potential customers and decision makers. And optimizing is no rocket science: just zoom in on the tips below!

SEO for LinkedIn: ensure you’re being found

Treat your LinkedIn page as our online marketers and strategic experts at iO would treat your website. Employing SEO techniques and good content ensures you’ll more probable to be found by valuable sales leads.

  • Identify your target. Who are your potential customers? What are their needs and challenges, and how can you help them? Make sure you know what they want to achieve by contacting a person with your profile.

  • Tailor your SEO keywords to your audience. Determine the keywords that are relevant to your target audiences and their industry. Use the language they use. Think about which products and services they might need, and which criteria they find important (quality standards, technical requirements, … ).

  • Tailor your SEO keywords to your industry. Include industry-specific keywords, but don't overdo it. Is expertise in certain programs, systems, work methods, or quality standards crucial to their business? Then don’t hesitate to incorporate those terms, of course.

  • Integrate your SEO keywords strategically. Meaning: integrate them in your profile header, summary, and project description. For example, your job title appears in the Google search results. So use the title potential customers would use when talking about someone with your profile.


Personal branding on LinkedIn: be the chosen one!

As a sales professional, you should position yourself as a trustworthy brand, so why don’t you exploit the full potential of your page? With compelling headlines and a clear summary that emphasizes their skills and achievements, you’ll attract more quality B2B sales leads.

  • Link your story to that of your company. Make sure potential contacts recognize you as a trusted brand. Link your personal brand to that of the company you represent. Literally, by linking your page to your company page on LinkedIn. And figuratively, by consistently following your company's style guidelines on your personal page. Introduce yourself authentically and correctly within those guidelines. And regularly share content provided by your company.

  • Choose the right header image and profile photo. People are inherently visual creatures: they remember what they see better than the words they read. So make sure your header image and profile photo tell them who you are, which company you represent, and what you have to offer.

    Tip: Designing your header image specifically for LinkedIn will distinguish you from the 90% who use generic images.

  • State your mission in your header description. Summarize in one sentence how you’ll help your clients move forward. Your header description should answer these three questions: Who are you helping? What do they achieve by working with you? How are you going to make it happen? Optionally, put a job title using a keyword at the end. For example: 'Helping sales teams generate leads with powerful LinkedIn profile texts ┃Copywriter social media content.’

    Tip: Your header title can contain up to 120 characters, spaces included. Put the most important information first, as your copy will be cut off after the first 80 characters on mobile phones.

  • Show your experience. Provide more detail in the Experience section about your current job responsibilities. Explain what you and your company do to help customers be successful. Don't brag, but mention accomplishments that could persuade a potential customer.

LinkedIn Info: what’s in it for them?

The best place to build your personal brand on LinkedIn is in your profile summary, in the ‘Info’ section. Here, you should tell your story - ideally in the first person - explaining who you are, what drives you, and how you've earned your stripes as a sales professional or account manager.

Don't write for headhunters; write for potential clients. Focus on the benefits that clients can gain from working with you. Show them that you understand their challenges and aspirations, and explain how you can help them. For example: ‘I love exploring what your customers really need and co-create the solutions with which your company successfully meets their expectations. That's why I work as a business developer.’

Write an engaging story. When sharing your personal mission statement, avoid meaningless jargon or a boring list of facts, data, and skills. No one will read that. Instead, start your summary with a strong hook, like a personal anecdote, a unique passion, or a defining trait. Explain why you enjoy your job or what you're proud of. Be genuine, personal, and direct in addressing the reader.

End with a compelling call to action that encourages readers to contact you. Tie this to a challenge that your potential clients may face. For example: "Need a sharp analysis of your LinkedIn profile text? Feel free to contact me."

Tip: Make sure that readers know what they'll get from you in the first 300 words since they'll have to click to read the rest of your summary.

More tips

  • Fully complete your LinkedIn profile. Don't forget to highlight your extra education, volunteer work, interests, or projects.

  • Add media. Websites, videos, but also visuals increase the credibility of your page. Not only for the reader, but also for the search algorithms. Put them in the Experience or Info block.

  • Complete your contact information. Don't forget to fill in your professional contact information. Tip: also add your birthday, so your LinkedIn contacts get a hint to congratulate you, and you have the opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

  • Ask for recommendations and endorsements. The fact that colleagues and customers took the time to write a recommendation increases your credibility and ranks your profile higher in searches.

Elke Hubens copywriter iO
About the author
Elke Hubens
copywriter iO

Senior copywriter with the iO content experts team, Elke Hubens is well-versed in most writing genres. With her creative, commercial, and journalistic pen, and her strategic insight, she connects the story of your target audience with that of your brand. Thus, she’ll help you make a difference with your customers.

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