Advertising & performance, cornerstones of contemporary marketing

Advertising & performance marketing is all about aiming the right content at the right target audience through exactly the right channels. The main goal: to get the most out of modern media like search, display, social media, native, programmatic, premium ads, affiliate programs and websites to land every one of your commercial messages with your potential customers.

Why is advertising & performance so important?

Advertising & performance is a crucial part of every solid marketing approach. It allows us marketers to measure and optimize the results of our marketing efforts and communication strategies.

What are the main advantages of advertising & performance for you as an organization?

  • better control over campaign performance;

  • valuable data to build upon;

  • a clear view of the efficiency of communication strategies;

  • access to the ideal channel mix, including leads, traffic and costs;

  • improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI);

  • relevant insights about your market(s), sector(s) and target group(s).

How do our experts deliver customized advertising & performance?

Advertising & performance is a constant in the lives of our marketers. Starting from the customer’s needs and a clear business case, they incite the right actions to track and measure, and always keep a calculated ROI in mind.

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Why iO?

At iO, you get a true end-to-end partner. That means that we will take all your worries off your hands, from strategy to content and from technology to marketing.

Our experts aren’t just the best in their league at advertising & performance. They also:

  • optimize your brand and brand experience;

  • tailor your copywriting to your target audience;

  • realize seamless integrations with your existing tech stack (business systems, advertising platforms, etc.).

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