How to measure the value of innovations faster and more clearly

In 2023, you will be less likely to make long-term investments. ROI has become a more important factor in innovation compared to recent years. We share ways that will help you validate innovations faster and gain management’s support.

Uilke Duinstra - Service Line Director Strategy at iO

2023 is not just another year. In light of current economic and social developments, being smart and trying new things are the key differentiators for success. Managers in marketing, innovation, and digital domains now need to step up their game to achieve their goals for 2023.

The recently published 2023 Opportunity Report is packed with insights and advice to give your business the edge. This online session takes things even further.

Download the 'Innovation Value Logbook'

Also download the 'Innovation Value Logbook'. This document is the thread running through this session.

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