Webinar: Make your B2B customer acquisition strategy digital and authentic

20 avril 2023, 10:00

Who says digital and authentic don’t mix? With SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing and personalised email campaigns, organisations like ours are generating leads en masse. These tools are ours to use to convert, turn our users into brand ambassadors and design flawless customer experiences.

We know what digital can do, can it do it authentically? Marketing expert Glenn Weuts will answer that question in his webinar (in English) on 20 April.

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What to expect?

The modern marketer swears by a data-driven approach. And yes, spoiler alert: it certainly helps when developing an effective B2B acquisition strategy. But how do you stand out from the crowd of competitors when all you do is using the very same channels to automate your campaigns?

To truly do things different compared to other organisations, original authenticity is a must-have. And combined with data-driven insights and technology? That’s a sure way to take home the jackpot. With our free webinar, we teach all participants how to harness data-driven insights and combine them with authentic flair as part of a comprehensive B2B acquisition strategy. The result? A strategy that resonates with prospects, engages leads and - ultimately - converts.

And – last but not least:

  • All there is to know about valuable acquisition methods for B2B

  • Segmentation and personalisation of your target groups

  • Clear, relevant examples from IO’s client repository

Are you joining us on April 20?

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Glenn Weuts | iO
About the author/speaker
Glenn Weuts
Head of Marketing Technology - iO

As Head of Marketing Technology at iO, Glenn Weuts is absolutely in the right place. Convinced of the watertight truth that only data can offer — in combination with his profound knowledge of analytical tools and platforms — measuring and interpreting user data energises him every day. His output? Advice for sound marketing.

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